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December 2019

December was a "fun" month. I had a major crash with my health, but still had a tonne of stuff due. It was stressful. Add that to the fact that it's the silly season... it's been an intense month. But, I'm getting there. Here's to the new year and new beginnings! At least being so sick gave me a bit of a reboot on my life, priorities and work...

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November 2019

I have been insanely busy. But, it's meant that although I have been doing lots of fieldwork... I've also been mostly at home. So I've managed to do a LOT of reading...like a lot a lot. It was actually a pretty good month for reading. Just bad for sanity and sleep...

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October 2019

October was super, super, insanely intense. I had annual review due. I had fieldwork to do and I had a wedding to be in. So I ended up sticking my nose in a book as much as I physically could... because what better coping mechanism?

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September 2019

September I started to get my feet back under me. It's been rough, hectic and I've done a lot of reading just to try and get my brain back into gear... but I think that I'm slowly getting there. Only time will tell.

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August 2019

August was kind of a sucky month for me. There were just so very many things that were not going right... Which left me a stressed out, exhausted mess. Normally that would mean that I would read a lot more to try and get myself calm. But, sadly, because I was actually that overwrought and exhausted, I only managed to finish 7 books. And I didn't even get a chance to read many short stories... as I said, a sucky month. :(

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July 2019

July was a month that was just filled with being sick, adjusting to a new job and being generally run down. It was kind of a shitty month… but, on a positive note… it was also one that was full of reading. Since I needed something to balance out the horrors of being sick and…

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June 2019

So I'm doing things a little differently from henceforth. The books that I've read the month before are being published (so a month's delay from reading to publishing). Which means that there will be two Junes in the lists for this year, and then everything will even out in a weird way.

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June 2019

Now that winter is starting to set in, I'm becoming very... nesty. It's becoming more and more difficult to actually get anything productive done in the mean time. After all, it is disgustingly cold. Rainy. And just generally annoying...

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May 2019

I've had lots of things due, and not much time to do anything. Which has meant stress, and a lot of random reading. Easy reads that can fill up my mind with happy thoughts... rather than making me remember what studies I have to do.

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April 2019

It's been an insanely busy time lately... I have been too exhausted to even read. Which is honestly a first - the first time in my life I'm pretty sure. Damn. Adulting sucks.

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