Tag: Urban Fantasy

Loch and Key by Seanan McGuire

First Fall was a kind of tragic and heart rending short story. It was great for the overall storyline of the series – but it was still something that made my heart very, very sore. Luckily, Loch and Key starts with a lot more hope. For starters, it begins a few years after the advents of First Fall, and there is a sense of moving on and healing that left me feeling really quite hopeful.

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The Strength Inside by Melissa Marr

I absolutely adored this short story. And, halfway through I realised that’s probably because I kind of love everything by Melissa Marr that I’ve read anyway. She manages to make some faery tale style works and paranormal fantasy stories just that little touch darker. Not so much so that it’s uncomfortable. But enough that it’s not all happy and light. Exactly the kind of story that I love.

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Holy Jingle by Alan Dean Foster

I loved that this short story bought in the Chinese settlers to the Western front. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it worked brilliantly. And I love that it bought in a new perspective that I hadn’t really expected / anticipated. It wasn’t quite what I’ve come to expect from Weird Westerns. But I loved the departure from the expected.

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Sweet Poison Wine by Seanan McGuire

Jonathan and Frances Healy are beginning their new lives together with that most traditional of celebrations: the honeymoon. Leaving their infant son with Jonathan's parents, the Healys are leaving Buckley Township, Michigan for the cosmopolitan wonders of the city of Chicago, where they can properly celebrate the fact that they managed to have a wedding without anybody winding up dead.

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Married in Green by Seanan McGuire

This short story opens with a bit of a quote. A saying about marriage that is full of superstition, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a unique and fun way to set the setting for this short story. The fact that it hints at some possible sadness in the future of Fran and Johnny’s lives doesn’t really make me feel super happy and lighthearted. But it was a good way to start a story about a marriage in the insane Healy clan.

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