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Field of the Dead by Kim Lakin-Smith

I absolutely adored the combination of the Church, the supernatural and faith in this ghostly short story. It’s a good beginning to a collection of ghost stories, just enough creepiness, without being overwhelmingly scary. I think I need to ease into the truly terrifying things-that-go-bump-in-the-night stories. It’s been a little while since I tried to read any…

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The Last Witch by James Bibby

I can’t imagine being the last of my kind. It just seems like a horribly tragic way to be, a completely tragic existence. One that totally plucks at the heart strings. And yet, Bibby’s version of the last witch and the travels that the young girl goes through are kind of funny. Seriously witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

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Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

This memoir is pretty much the funniest book I’ve read this year. There is just something about the way that Mindy writes that had me laughing out loud. Multiple times my partner came into our bedroom to find out what was going on. And to tell me off for not actually going to sleep. But seriously… this was just so damn funny!

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SA by J.A. Konrath

A Christmas story that starts with a man going to the doctor because there’s weird things in his poo… you know its going to be funny. Especially since I already knew that it was going to be a werewolf story of some kind. There are many brilliant poo moments throughout… I need to share this story with a nursing friend of mine, she’ll understand the funny.

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Saving the World at the New Moon Motel by Roberta Lannes

The introduction to this short story highlights that this is one of the authors lighter pieces. However, since this whole collection has been a little twisted and not what I would consider light… I was a little unsure as to whether this would be true. It turns out that this is quite a light-hearted and fun story about alien sex. One that had me laughing throughout quite merrily.

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Noble Rot by Holly Black

I’ve been around enough sick people in my life to know that disease and, the treatments, can completely mess up your taste buds. However, the ways in which this story plays with ideas of messed up taste buds is entirely unique. And more than a little bit gross. Although completely fun. as you can probably tell, I got a few somewhat mixed feelings about this.

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The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

I remember first hearing the name Griffin in a TV show called Sanctuary. Griffin is the ancestor of the invisible girl in the story. I knew that it was a reference to classical literature (Griffin’s friends were John Druitt, Nikola Tesla & Dr. Watson), but I didn’t know which story and / or author. So when I started reading this H.G. Wells novel, I literally screamed with joy. I finally got to read the literature that included the character! And it was honestly far better than I had ever expected.

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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

I keep picking this book up and putting it back down. Mostly because I’ve not been entirely sure if it’s what I’m in the mood for. Turns out that this is the kind of book I’m probably always going to be in the mood for. It’s funny, witty and supernatural. Filled with fantastic sidekicks and unforgettable characters. The storyline is also intriguing and filled with twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. This is also really, really addictive. So maybe don’t read it when you have more “adult” things to do… it got me into a little trouble.

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