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A Good Bargain by Christina Henry

Everyone loves a good bargain. And, although I can’t imagine what it is like to go shopping at a Walmart or some such shop, it was still quite amusing reading about Maddie’s (once again) chaotic experience of shopping. The appearance of Lucifer, and Beezle’s snappy comments just helped to increase the enjoyable feeling of mayhem that I know I experience when I have to go to the shops.

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Night Out by Christina Henry

It’s kind of difficult to find the time, not to mention the money to spend a night out on the town. And I don’t have supernatural duties and forces to contend with. Maddie and Beezle’s night on the town, although it had a happy ending had the same catastrophic, chaotic style that well, all of her stories do. It made me feel a lot better about my own hermit-like existence at times…

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Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn on the Lights? by Christina Henry

In hindsight, this isn’t really the type of story you should be reading while you are in the middle of nowhere, doing fieldwork at 3am… The title alone kind of shows that. Regardless, I actually thoroughly enjoyed these five pages of slight terror that I felt in my tiny, accessible cabin on reserve. I just didn’t so much enjoy it when I decided to turn out the lights…

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The Lost Word by Traci Harding

There is something incredibly intriguing about secret societies – probably the fact that they are secret is what tends to fascinate us. A ghost story using a shady secret society was a perfect way to tell the last story in Ghostwriting: Tales of the Supernatural. It was suspenseful, intriguing, with just the right dose of love, lust and betrayal.

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Curses by Traci Harding

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have read this right before I went to sleep, it certainly gave me some very interesting and tripped out dreams. But, isn’t that a mark of a good story? Something that can affect both the conscious and the subconscious? The use of a curse and a building’s history to build this ghost story helped to add to the sense of mystery and suspense.

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Black Lament by Christina Henry

Black Lament had a very drastic change in tone to the first three Black Wings stories. And honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, it showed an amazing ability to have a changing and dynamic character; on the other, I love Maddy Black for her sass, sarcasm and wit, all of which were tainted by a black halo of depression. When they were present. However, this change in the general ambiance of the tale really should have been obvious from the title of the novel.

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Black Howl by Christina Henry

The end of this story was one of the most insanely powerful stories that I have read in a long time – it both made me want to cry and whoop for joy. Maddy’s constantly dramatic tale gets more intense with each book in the Black Wings series, and I’m not really sure how it can get any more potent than Black Howl. I read the entire book in about three hours – it was just IMPOSSIBLE to put down! And even four hours after finishing the last page, my head is still spinning and twirling with the tale I just read.

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A Piece of Time by Traci Harding

A Piece of Time was a very quaint short story – a tale of love, fate and the importance of family. The sweetness of this story shines from the pages left me smiling in contentment at the conclusion of this tale. Like all of Harding’s stories, there is an understanding of the spiritual world that I rarely find in good stories – instead of a bastardisation of such beliefs to suit the story, the story has been built up around the practices and beliefs themselves.

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