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Amityville Horrible by Kelley Armstrong

Yet again Jaimie is pulled into the world of fake reality and TV shows. And, once again, she finds a way to shine and do a trashy public event without sacrificing her own identity and self-worth. And, she solves a mystery, has an incredibly passionate romp with Jeremy and fills her time with foiling the evil (or at least incredibly morally bankrupt) director of the show.

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V Plates by Kelley Armstrong

I love when a non-Australian author writes about Australians and uses slang that we actually say. I’ve never heard someone say chuck a few shrimps on the barbie. For starters, we don’t call them shrimps, they’re PRAWNS! But, I have, and do use the term v plates to talk about virginity, and even told my friends that I’d lost my v plates when the time came. So just the title and the very beginning of this story worked well. Like I said, Armstrong actually managed to use Australian slang and characterisation in a way that was actually recognisable. And didn’t make us look like extremely backwards and uncultured swines.

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Counterfeit Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Paige and Lucas have been a solid and sweet couple since they first got together in Dime Store Magic. Of all of the couples throughout the series, they’re the one that I most want to be – supportive of each other, yet independent of one another and able to pursue their own interests. Yet, things become a little bit more rocky now that they’re both taking a more active role in the Cabal. The very independence that makes them such a wonderful couple makes it hard for Paige when she isn’t treated with the respect and individuality that she is used to.

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Forbidden by Kelley Armstrong

Morgan’s introduction to the Pack was certainly an interesting one – after all, he’s the first known werewolf to choose to spend all of his time as a wolf. But, now he’s decided to join the human world again and in doing so, is considering joining the Pack. But, as with everything in Kelley Armstrong’s world, nothing happens easily and nothing is as it seems.

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The List by Kelley Armstrong

Although Zoe has only appeared in one of the Women of the Otherworld novels (so far), this is her second short story, and I loved her as much this time as I did the first and second. She is cute, sweet and dangerous. But this is so well hidden, that unless you had read Learning Curve, you wouldn’t pick up on all of the subtle nuances that Armstrong uses to construct her persona.

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Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

I always love revisiting Elena and Clay in the Women of the Otherworld series. Although I have so far loved every couple and character throughout this series, there is something especially precious about Elena and Clay. Maybe because they are the couple that first started everything. Which is why Frostbitten was another Women of the Otherworld book that I read in a very short space of time.

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Recruit by Kelley Armstrong

Recruit touches on a couple of issues for the werewolf pack. Firstly, they need to find new recruits without telegraphing their vulnerability to those who wish them ill. Secondly, when they do find someone who wishes to join them, the need to assess their suitability becomes increasingly difficult. Roy’s attempted blackmail and slightly skewed way in which he attempts to ingratiate himself with the pack is a great way to remind us of this.

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