The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper by Maxim Jakubowski & Nathan Braund

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Title: The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper
Author: Maxim Jakubowski & Nathan Braund
Series: Mammoth Books
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Crime, History, Non-fiction
Dates read: 13th March – 1st June 2019
Pace: Slow
Format: Non-fictional text
Publisher: Robinson
Year: 1999
5th sentence, 74th page: It may be, as is generally assumed, that Louis Diemschutz, returning home, interrupted the murderer and prevented him from performing his usual mutilations.


Jack the Ripper – all the evidence, all the key theories, fully updated with the newest ideas

The crime world’s most enduring mystery, the identity of Jack the Ripper, has plagued professional historians, criminologists, writers and amateur enthusiasts for over a hundred years. Chief suspects include Montague John Druitt,Walter Sickert, Aaron Kosminski, Michael Ostrog, William Henry Bury, Dr Tumblety and James Maybrick.

This newly updated volume offers the fullest ever overview of the Whitechapel Murders case. It collects not just the key factual evidence but also 17 different arguments as to the identity of the Ripper, including the more recent theories from Patricia Cornwell and others. Contributions from the world’s leading Ripperologists include William Beadle, Martin Fido, Shirley Harrison, James Tully and Colin Wilson.

The essays are supported by a detailed chronology, extensive bibliography and filmography.


I’ve been hearing about Jack the Ripper for as long as I can remember. I always knew that there were many different theories surrounding who, what, why… but nothing is truly known. So, I thought it might be about time to read a little more about this infamous serial killer. Especially since I have a few books based around him and I really wasn’t quite adding up the hints and information that was found in some of the short stories I’ve been reading.

I love the way that this book is broken up. To start with it outlines the very basics of the known facts of the case. The five known, canonical victims. It tells us the very basics and all those little clues which have lead to theory upon theory being built up. Then, it takes you in for a deeper look at each of the five victims. Showing testimonies, court statements and aspects of the coroners report to give you even more facts. I ended up taking quite a long time to read the first part of this book, just because the sheer number of facts and figures was a little overwhelming. But in the best sense possible, considering that this is a non-fiction book…

Finally, the different popular theories are highlighted in small chapters by “Ripperologists”. They take the facts that you’ve spent an age reading and present them to you in a whole new light. Which made things kind of difficult for me…since every single version sounded plausible. This is another one of those books that I will pick up again and again, learning something new and different each time. Being fascinated and drawn in over and over.

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