Fan Fictions by Gabrielle Zevin

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Title: Fan Fictions
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
In: Love is Hell ( Melissa Marr, Scott Westerfield, Justine Larbalestier, Gabrielle Zevin & Laurie Faria Stolarz)
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: Mental health, Paranormal romance, Young adult
Dates read: 19th September 2019
Pace: Slow
Format: Novella
Publisher: Harper Teen
Year: 2008
5th sentence, 74th page: Honestly, I’m worried about you.

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Paige is invisible. And ordinary. Someone who nobody notices. Until Aaron. But now she’s not sure if he’s real or just a figment of her imagination…


At one point or another, we all feel like we’ve been overlooked in high school. Or at least, everyone that I know feels that way… but this story took that feeling to a whole new level. And kind of a whiney one. I really liked the concept, and loved the writing (hence the four-star rating), but I seriously had to take a star off for Paige’s down right insanity…

Although I’m a complete bibliophile, and tend to have some insane dreams about what I’m reading… I’ve never taken on the persona of a book that I’m reading. Never felt those lines begin to blur as I take on a reality that is far more enjoyable than my own. Probably a good thing, considering I read a lot of stories with some incredibly messed up protagonists. But I have had moments when I’ve wished that more of my life could be like that in the stories I read.

From the title of this story, I wasn’t really expecting this kind of tale. I was expecting something with a character who actually writes fan fictions. But, in hindsight, I suppose that taking on the storyline that you’re reading is exactly what fan fictionists (is that even a word?) are actually striving for. After all, they’re generally writing a fan fiction so that they can immerse themselves into a world that someone else has created, and they’re just not really ready to leave… and what avid reader hasn’t felt that way?

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Image source: Harper Collins Publishers

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