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Payment Due by Frances Hardinge

So many people take advantage of the elderly. I mean, I’ve seen the little dollar signs light up in people’s eyes when they see him coming. It’s horrible, but it happens. However, I have never taken it as far as this granddaughter when seeking to get revenge on how people have wronged him. It’s left me seriously admiring not only her gumption but her care for the lovely elderly lady.

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Little Gods by Holly Black

Although I’m not quite Wiccan, I do prescribe to a lot of their beliefs, and I have spent hours upon hours reading up about different covens, rites and practices. Which always makes it fun to read a story that is based around this system of being and existing. I also related ridiculously to the chief protagonist – she believes that there is something more in the world, and that she can almost feel it, it’s just out of reach.

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Felidis by Tanith Lee

One of the things that I love about short stories is the way in which they generally get turned completely on their heads. Or at least, some of the best ones – like Lee’s Felidis. A furry, clawed witch girl saves a boy. He falls a little in love. Then he finds out her truth. Which is completely unexpected and brilliant.

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Barrio Girls by Charles de Lint

I’ve never quite understood the teenage obsession with Twilight. Sure, I read it when I was a teenager, I didn’t mind it (back then), but I was never obsessed with the idea of a vampire boyfriend. Or being a witch, or really any of the books that I read – I just liked the stories. So, reading about Vida and Ruby’s disenchantment with this world was really quite enjoyable. The obsession annoys me, so their departure from it was fun.

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Legends of Australian Fantasy edited by Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan

I love pursuing Australian authors – after all, I would love to be one one day, and they are my people. So, discovering that there is a book that features not one, not two, but nine of these phenomenal people made me break out in a huge grin. And I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, the main disappointment came when I finished the last novella and had to find a new anthology to go and read.

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The Spark by Sean Williams

I can’t get this story out of my head. And not in that irritating, it won’t leave and details are niggling away at me way. But that holy crap. That was amazing. I need to get more of these books! I want to know more about Adi and Ross. This story is epic. So now I just have to wait until I have some spare money to buy more of Sean Williams’ books…

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Rowan and the Travellers by Emily Rodda

The pride of the past could prove to be Rin’s undoing. That, and their unwillingness to accept anyone else of a different calibre and tradition than themselves. But, luckily for all of Rin, Rowan is there to save the day again. Again, he proves that strength and blustery courage isn’t everything, and that sometimes it is the very fear that can be someone’s best companion, and a people’s saviour.

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Rowan of Rin By Emily Rodda

Fear is a good thing. I’ve always been told it tells us we’re alive. But, really, it also is a way to keep us alive. Yet, for the people of Rin, fear is shameful and courage is the leader of the day. Which is why I love the irony of the most fearful boy of the village being the hero of this story. After all, the very thing that they all take pride in is the thing that unravels them all.

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An Unwelcome Guest by Garth Nix

I love new spins on old stories. After all, there is something about faery tales that brings us back again and again and again. And An Unwelcome Guest is a brilliant way to reimagine Rapunzel. Nix’s spin on such a classic left me outright laughing and grinning. It was cute, funny and not at all what I was expecting.

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