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Devil’s Contract by E.S. Magill

I hate signing contracts. They’re legally binding, and either too boring or convoluted to read. Which is exactly the fear that this short story (of a sort) taps into. Actually, the thing that I loved most about this short story is how witty it is. And how much it taps into our approaches to contracts and legislation. And the global take over of some big companies…

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The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

I have had The Colour of Magic in my bookshelf since Terry Pratchett passed away. After all, I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. As usual though, I was a little delayed with opening the actual book. However, I really wasn’t disappointed. This story was funny, entertaining and cute. It was incredibly fun and easy to read, and I was really sad when it was all over.

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Tea with the Black Dragon by R.A. MacAvoy

I struggled with this story. Actually, I struggled so much that I read the first 150 pages (to satisfy reading challenge requirements) and then gave up completely. Normally I’ll put down a book after the first chapter if it doesn’t capture my attention, but I tried and tried with this. Mostly because I love the idea and the concept, I just found the writing a little difficult to get through.

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Stray Magic by Diana Peterfreund

I have pages on Facebook that are dedicated to the lost and unwanted puppies of the world. There are videos upon videos of rescue sites that help to rehome them, and I constantly wonder how these poor creatures feel when their owners have so thoughtlessly abandoned them (which often happens). I have my own two fur babies, and the idea of giving them up makes me weep – they are family! So, it was kind of fun reading a story about this exact event – what happens when a loving dog is abandoned.

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