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Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

This is an “oh my heart” book. And it’s like that from the very beginning. I’ve been putting off reading it for a while since I always get ridiculously hooked on Maas’ writing. Normally that’s not such an issue because I can read the whole book cover to cover in just a day… this book is a little longer, and I had to be an adult. But I finally put aside a day to read it. And… oh my heart.

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Reel Life by Steven Savile

There’s something about tales of obsessive love that really pull me in. I never like the people / characters who have this tendency. I always find it annoying and want to smack the moron who is being so intense… but I also always love them. Not sure why. Don’t want to know what that says about me. And this was one such story. I hated the lead character (he’s a villain, I think that you should hate him). I felt sorry for his victims. I couldn’t put this story down.

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The Waters of Sorrow by Tanith Lee

As an ending to the Red as Blood collection, this short story was completely on point. It was, interestingly enough, also the only romantic story in the whole collection. So, I kind of liked that it ended on this note. Don’t get me wrong, it was still super and dark like all of the other fairy tale retellings in the collection, but the romantic aspect made it a little more bittersweet and somehow nostalgic… I slightly (but only slightly) softer note to end on.

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The Young Elites by Marie Lu

This is a seriously intense, wonderful and amazing story. It also made me cry. Not heaps… but a bit. Enough that you know there are some serious heart-string pulling moments. Which is surprising because I thought this would be a great story with a girl coming into her superpowers. Rather, it was far more dark than I had anticipated. So dark in fact that I felt a little uncomfortable whilst reading it. Which is the kind of story that I absolutely adore.

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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

It’s taken me a long time to get to this story. Like, a ridiculously long time. But now that I’ve finally gotten to A Game of Thrones over ten years after I had a friend first suggested it to me… I can understand why it’s such a well-loved book! Like, wow! I don’t normally plow through a book of this length in such a short period of time. In fact normally books of this length take me a lot of stopping and starting, with whole books in between.

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“…Or Forever Hold Your Peace” by Susan Krinard

I’ve never really understood why people are happy to have that unless anyone objects part in their wedding vowels. If I had that in mine and someone objected, I’d probably want to march right up and sock them. I’ve also never been to a wedding that has that in the ceremony. But, it does make for a good literary tactic. Something that adds a nice sense of drama and suspense. Plus, the perfect moment for a spurned lover, crazy person, whatever to interrupt the proceedings.

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The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

It took me a little while to get into this book. But, then once I did, I was completely hooked. The first third took a long time to read. But once I hit that amazing point… I couldn’t put it down. Which probably wasn’t great for my productivity that day. But it was great for my imagination and happiness. After all, sometimes you just need to take time and soar away on the wings of a wren.

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Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood

This was a quick, easy read. I didn’t mind it, but I did kind of find Ilan to be a bit of a bitch. She just used and abused so many of the people who love her. And for no good reason. Considering the fact that she loses her parents young, she actually has a fairly good upbringing. And absolutely no reason to strike out at the people she ends up striking out at… there are some people you should be bitter towards. The three people in the world who have always had your best interests at heart… probably not overly necessary to be a cow to them…

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Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

This is an absolutely brilliant collection. One that I didn’t want to put down and introduced me to a whole new genre. It’s my first ever Gaslamp collection, and although I found some of the stories throughout a little weird and intense… I also loved the vast majority of them. Enough so that I plan to read this again and again in the future.

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