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Fixing Hanover by Jeff VanderMeer

I’m kind of confused by this short story. Which, honestly, often happens when I read steampunk stories. There are so many layers to the worlds that are created in such a few words, and it becomes both an amazing world to dive into, and one which is almost impossible to actually understand. The fact that the narrators voice straddled two worlds (the Empire and the sleepy beach town) helped to add to this amazingly intricate and intriguing complexity.

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Rowan and the Bukshah

The final tale in the saga of Rowan of Rin brings everything full circle. And I love it. it not only ends by giving you hope for the future, but it also completes the journey – not just Rowan’s, but also that of the Bukshah. And the Maris. And the Travelers. And the Zebak. And the people of the Valley of Gold. Which all worked in beautifully. And after closing the last page of this book, I was left with a great, big grin on my face.

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Rowan and the Zebak by Emily Rodda

The first three Rowan of Rin stories are really quite disjointed. The first features the people of Rin, the second the Travellers, and the third the Maris. But all have the common thread of the Zebak’s invasion in the past. They are all connected across their land. And it really isn’t until the fourth story that the connection between the different groups can really be enjoyed and appreciated.

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Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal by Emily Rodda

I haven’t picked up this book in ages. And, after a long Saturday at work, I kind of needed something quick, easy and interesting to read. This was the perfect fit. I spent about an hour just disappearing into the world of Rowan of Rin. The fact that he is so different from everyone he knows and loves always drew me to his stories as a child (I wonder why) and Rodda has an amazing way of telling fantastic stories that draw you in from the beginning.

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Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. I have a bit of an obsession with shapeshifters, and the fae. And any kind of romance. So this tale was an absolute perfect fit for me. It featured a fae woman and a cat shifter man. The fact that he is being bribed and his cubs have been stolen just helped to heighten the risks that Niall is forced to face.

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Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

This was just as weird, convoluted and slightly insane as the first Alice book. Which, of course, I loved. There is something about the amazing waxing and waning, lyricism that Carroll lends to his work that makes it impossible to put down. Again, there is no really clear beginning, middle and end, but it somehow still works brilliantly. Maybe after I read this a thousand more times I’ll truly find the beginning, middle and end… but until then, I enjoy the jumpy, random storyline.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

I mostly read this to see if the book is as tripped out as the movies… and yes, yes it is. There are tongue twisters and confusing tales, and I’m not entirely sure that there is even a clear storyline. But it works perfectly. I was incredibly entertained and found it difficult to put this story down, even though I’m still not entirely sure I understood everything that was happening.

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