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Black as Ink by Tanith Lee

Unlike the rest of the short stories in the Red as Blood collection, this is not a retelling of any fairy tale that I recognise. Yet, there was still that lilting, fairy tale feel to the tale that made me feel like almost, almost this could be a story which I’ve read before. If I could just remember it… that’s how it felt anyway.

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Holes by Louis Sachar

This is one of those books where I’m actually not sure if the book or the movie is better… I can remember watching the movie as a teenager in high school. It’s one of those that seems to be a staple of the Australian high school experience. But I’d never had the chance to actually read the book. I’m not entirely sure how it’s a classic – it seems a little too easy to read. But I do understand why so many people enjoy reading it.

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Burned Promises by Willow Winters

I thoroughly enjoyed this story – but I was a bit thrown out by the little prologue. It really didn’t fit into the story – and the broken promise from the blurb… not entirely sure where that whole idea came from either. If you ignore those two teases, this is actually a really fun, cute and easy read. It’s romantic, fun and has definitely made me want to buy a few more books by Willow Winters since it was just such a pleasant experience.

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The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

I really struggled to get all of the way through this novel. It wasn’t bad, I just really wasn’t in the mood for the convoluted nature that I’m beginning to associate with H.G. Wells’ writing. There’s always about a thousand things going on and some brilliant symbolism… which means that if I’m not quite as clued in as I’d like… it becomes more than a little difficult to truly get into the book. So, since I wanted to move another book out of my currently reading pile (it’s just getting beyond a joke at the moment), I decided to skim read through.

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Magic of Thieves by C. Greenwood

This was a quick, easy read. I didn’t mind it, but I did kind of find Ilan to be a bit of a bitch. She just used and abused so many of the people who love her. And for no good reason. Considering the fact that she loses her parents young, she actually has a fairly good upbringing. And absolutely no reason to strike out at the people she ends up striking out at… there are some people you should be bitter towards. The three people in the world who have always had your best interests at heart… probably not overly necessary to be a cow to them…

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Coyote Speaks by Ari Berk & Carolyn Dunn

I really don’t know much about Native American mythology. I’ve never had the exposure, and other than one character in the Mercedes Thompson series, I’ve not read any books that feature people of this heritage. So of course, I was extremely excited and fascinated to pick up this book and learn something new. Which, this was a perfect introduction to. I now know that I want to read further along about this mythos, but as a broad overview… this was fantastic.

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Skein of Sunlight by Devon Monk

One of the few things that my mother and I share in common is a love of craft. I’m not quite as obsessive as she is. But I do share the obsession and fascination in the ways in which a simple piece of yarn can be turned into a beautiful jumper or scarf. A piece of clothing or decoration. The possibilities when you walk into a yarn shop are endless. Add to that a vampire story, and you also have an eternity in which these possibilities can occur.

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The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket

The third instalment in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series is just as hilariously tragic as the rest of the books. It is filled with everything and anything you could possibly think of going wrong. Which is exactly what you should be expecting by this point in the series. Yet, its still pleasantly surprising and somewhat brilliant in all of its horrible glory. Especially since, whilst you know that everything is going to go wrong… you’re not entirely sure how it will go so awry.

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