Book Review

An Unwelcome Guest by Garth Nix

I love new spins on old stories. After all, there is something about faery tales that brings us back again and again and again. And An Unwelcome Guest is a brilliant way to reimagine Rapunzel. Nix’s spin on such a classic left me outright laughing and grinning. It was cute, funny and not at all what I was expecting.

Book Review

Lucky Charms by Lisa Shearin

This is an awesome start to a new series, with a great chief protagonist and an awesome premise for a magical police agency – the SPI. I liked the way that Shearin overlays the idea of SPI on top of our everyday lives and makes the idea of Leprechauns running wild through the streets plausible and believable. The hints provided throughout this short story are a great preclude into the actual SPI Files books and I can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon for Mac.

Book Review

Shatterglass by Tamora Pierce

Of the four in the Emelan realm, it is Tris that I have always loved best. And have always best been able to relate to. It goes beyond her love of books and frustration at the stupidity of others, to recognising that feeling of not quite feeling wanted and needed. So, as always, I LOVE to revisit her in any way shape or form… and honestly, Shatterglass doesn’t let you down if you’re like me and just longing to see how she turns into a full mage with her first student.