Tag: Romance

Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story. I have a bit of an obsession with shapeshifters, and the fae. And any kind of romance. So this tale was an absolute perfect fit for me. It featured a fae woman and a cat shifter man. The fact that he is being bribed and his cubs have been stolen just helped to heighten the risks that Niall is forced to face.

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The Christmas Curse by Ruby Moone

I got this little novella to complete a reading challenge – an author with the name of a jewel. I had no idea what it was like. What it was about. Really any idea about anything. I got it because it was one of the few that I could actually find in Australia. And I didn’t regret it in the least. It is the first truly LGBTQ (I think that’s the right acronym) story that I have read. And I loved it.

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Oracle by Margo Maguire

I don’t get the obsession with virgins. The idea that a virgin woman (it’s always a woman) has some kind of mythical powers or prowess. It’s not something that’s ever made sense to me, and when I started reading this short story, part of me was going oh god, here we go again. And it was kind of like that… she has to be a virgin to become an oracle. She finds a temptation. But it wasn’t anywhere near as horrifying as I was expecting.

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Hot August Moon by Katherine Sutcliffe

I have very mixed feelings about this novella. It was incredibly difficult to put down. It was really enthralling. But, after I finished reading it… it wasn’t overly memorable. The really amazing stories that have completely gripped me, I remember them, days, weeks after I have closed the last page. But here I am, trying to write a review about Hot August Moon, and the main thing that I remember was that it was enjoyable.

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