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Unremembered by Jessica Brody

I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for quite a while. Ever since I read Unstolen. It looked kind of cute and intriguing. But honestly, that was the extent of my thought process. It was always a book that I’ll get to at some point. And then I needed a book with a title starting with a U for a reading challenge… and wow. This is not just good. It is ridiculously good. I actually couldn’t believe how much this pulled me in. And just how quickly.

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Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

I have started and stopped this classic about three times. Which is super annoying. Because all of the other Jane Austen books that I’ve read thus far I have absolutely adored. As in I started and finished them in a short period of time and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. Yet, there is something about this one that I found more difficult. Maybe it was the size. But I actually went to DNF this for a third time. Then I decided to push on. And boy am I glad that I did!

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The Eye of the Storm by Kelley Eskridge

This was an incredibly interesting take on sexuality and what exactly a sexual experience is. Sexuality is completely fascinating, and something that I am constantly intrigued by. The fact that there is a story that explores different forms of sexuality, attraction and also mixes in fighting and a monarchy… well, I was completely, totally and utterly drawn in. Happily wrapped up in this amazing story.

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Oceans Between Us by Helen Scott Taylor

I just needed something quick, easy and light to read this week. Waiting on responses from people and just the stress of everyday life. I wanted something cute and simple… and this novel gave me exactly that. This is a great, easy, light read. That makes you want to curl up in an inn in a quiet town somewhere, a cup of tea in hand and your lover at your side. Or at least, that’s how it made me feel.

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Rats by Marlee Jane Ward

This is the first short story in the Kindred collection. It is beautiful, simple and completely sweet. It is also a little different to what I expected with a whole new world created in the few pages of story. The fact that it’s also an LGBTQI+ lead who happens to be homeless… well, this short story deals with many minorities in a fantastic and entertaining manner.

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The Ill-Made Mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

I’ve been putting off reading this because it just looked seriously intense. And a little bit scary. Which are the kinds of books that I’ve been avoiding lately. And now I kind of regret that. I wasn’t wrong. This was intense, and full on and so multi-layered that my head felt like it could explode. But it was also amazing, unforgettable and kind of impossible to not think about. Whilst there were moments when I could put it down. There weren’t many moments in the two-week period of my reading that I actually stopped thinking about it…

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Dragonfire is Brighter than the Ten Thousand Stars by Mark Robert Philips

This was a ridiculously sweet and surprisingly cute short story. It’s towards the end of the The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk collection. Most of the stories in this collection are a little more rough around the edges. And whilst this story is about betrayal and revolution and riots and spies… it’s also about love and I found that aspect to be incredibly sweet.

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Attachments by Pat Murphy

I’ve always wanted a twin. Never wanted a conjoined twin though. That’s just WAY too much closeness. I really wasn’t expecting to find a story about conjoined twins in a collection about daemon lovers though. And, it does kind of make sense – it’s a collection of romances between those who are different. But it was still far less mystical than I was expecting.

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