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Time Trails by Colby Hodge

There’s a fairly big time gap in this short story. Alright, it’s a time travel short story, so you know that there’s going to be some kind of gap… but 1886 to 2143 just seemed intense. Probably because most stories I read with time travelling involve the past or the future, and the present. Not both past and future. However, it was kind of fun. I enjoyed the departure from what I’m beginning to consider as normal for something a little bit more intense and difficult to put down.

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A Wish to Build a Dream On by Michelle Willingham

If I had one wish… I don’t know what it would be. It would depend on my mood, surroundings, the sun, the moon. I’m a pretty indecisive person. But, this story really did make me think about what that one wish actually would be. The title alone gets you into this mood… A Wish to Build a Dream On is kind of reminiscent of a wish upon a star from Disney… or at least, that’s how I felt about it. There is something beautiful and lingering in the feeling of this story.

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The Gloaming Hour by Cindy Miles

I don’t really get the ins and outs of the time travel in this story. Which is alright, because I loved it anyway. Most of the time I like to understand exactly what is happening when you need to have time travel. But in the case of The Gloaming Hour, I didn’t actually care. It was just such an easy, sweet and nice story.

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Cold Feet by Brenda Novak

I have never read a Brenda Novak story, nor have I heard of them. This was just the only book I could find with the word “feet” in the title… and I needed that for a reading challenge. It turns out that it was a brilliant choice. I absolutely adored this book. And I was completely blown away by who the villain in this tale was. Actually, the mix of romance and suspense in this novel was not at all expected, and seriously enjoyable.

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My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding edited by P.N. Elrod

I started reading this collection just before my best friend got married. I kind of figured that it was just a suitable kind of anthology to be reading when I too, was experiencing much of the wedding insanity that tends to surround such a fun day. And, it was nice to know that no matter what happened… nothing could go as badly wrong as many of the weddings in this collection.

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Beowulf for Cretins by Ann McMan

This story is sweet, fun and not one that I’m going to forget anytime soon. It’s a fairly easy read, but one that still completely sweeps you away. Makes you forget about reality. I spent a perfect afternoon reading about Grace, Abbie and their neurotic dog while my neurotic dogs were piled on top of me. There was just something completely innocent and sweet about this story… not what I would normally claim for a romance. Mostly they tend to be a lot more lustful.

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Last Thorsday Night by Holly Lisle

I should be part of a writers group. But I should probably also write my own work a lot more than I do. There is something about doing a PhD that completely removes your ability to get much of anything else done. Reading and writing reviews is the extent of it at the moment. But, I digress… in this short story, I loved the idea of a writers group being the primary setting of the story.

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Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This was seriously cute. And now I’m disappointed that the Lux series is about Daemon, not his twin Dawson. Dawson is much, much sweeter than his twin and I love that he falls so hopelessly in love from the very beginning of the story. I’m also seriously hoping that the end isn’t what it seems to be and is just a part of some massive, major conspiracy. I’d much rather a conspiracy to the ending of this prequel… that was just really sad and made me cry. Literally.

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The Wren Hunt by Mary Watson

It took me a little while to get into this book. But, then once I did, I was completely hooked. The first third took a long time to read. But once I hit that amazing point… I couldn’t put it down. Which probably wasn’t great for my productivity that day. But it was great for my imagination and happiness. After all, sometimes you just need to take time and soar away on the wings of a wren.

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The Irish Duke by Cathy Maxwell

This was a great, fun and cute historical romance. It was beautiful, fun and impossible to put down. Mostly, I’m just disappointed that this is a standalone novella. I would love to have this as part of a greater series… but that’s okay, I’ll just find another one of Maxwell’s books to add to my ever-expanding list. Mostly, I think I loved this because it was so incredibly sweet and easy. It wasn’t the kind of story that you have to concentrate on and really delve into.

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