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November 2017

This month has been incredibly reflective and weird. I feel like everything is changing and I've been reexamining what I want to do with my life. It's definitely been, as I said... interesting. I also finished my Masters of Writing which was kind of amazing!

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October 2017

October has been a super weird month, I've had a tonne of assignments due (finals here we come), quit a job and just generally felt a little lost and aimless. It's meant a bit of reading since I tend to read when I'm overwhelmed, but I'm still feeling a little lost...

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August 2017

I swear that August is normally my quiet month... it's when my sister's birthday occurs (yearly, can you believe it?) and then that's the only thing of importance. Yet, I didn't seem to be able to find any time to read this month. Which is why it was all about short stories for the last four weeks.

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July 2017

July is supposed to be my quiet time, yet, somehow, it has turned out that I am running around even more than usual... but on a positive note, my own, personal library is almost unpacked...

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June 2017

You just have to love finals time... for me it always means a lot of short story readings to reduce the stress. After all, there is nothing like momentarily losing yourself in a story to help you get away from the daily stresses.

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April 2017

This month all of my assignments seem to be due... so it's been a little more difficult to read lots of intense novels. That's why most of the reviews for this month are short stories that were a wonderful, quick and easy journey into another world.

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March 2017

This month meant the return to my Masters, so while I've been reading some of my old favourites while trying to be inspired to do more writing. Constantly talking to other avid bibliophiles and writers has certainly helped though! The lack of internet has been difficult to do all of my research for said projects though... weekly access to the internet has made life more than a little difficult! Luckily I have so many books to wile away the hours between bouts of writing and Masters work.

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February 2017

I've had a thoroughly enjoyable month of reviews for February. Starting out with some really sweet romances, and progressing to many diverse short stories, it's been a month that has really reminded me to be true to myself and those who love me. The addition of a new puppy to our family has certainly helped this feeling... although it hasn't done good things for the covers of some of my books!

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