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Command by James Warner Bellah

I like that some of this short story is about questioning the whys and the whats of the war against the Indians. Or at least, that was my understanding of who the war was between. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure because I don’t know that much of the American West and the different groups which were in play during the time…

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Bookkeeper, Narrator, Gunslinger by Charles Yu

I’ve been reading a lot of western short stories lately. Yet, weirdly enough, this felt like the first story which features a gunslinger. I’m not entirely sure how that hasn’t happened before now. But I definitely loved reading about a gunslinger. The fact that he’s a bit of a dweeby guy who is also the town narrator and bookkeeper… it just made me that, that, that much happier…

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The Big Sky by A.B. Guthrie

This short story just felt like being dropped straight into a scene from daily life. It’s not necessarily an enthralling, impossible to forget short story. But it was one that left you feeling really contented and comfortable. That left you thinking about all the trials and tribulations of daily life. In a way that most stories don’t tend to do.

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The Young Warrior by Oliver La Farge

This was an easy, light and pleasant read. It was a nice break within my reading of bigger, more complex books. The journey is fun, it’s easy to understand what is happening and just a generally well-written diversion. I didn’t find the story line intense and unforgettable (hence the lower star rating). But I did find the whole adventure very fun.

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When You Carry the Star by Ernest Haycox

This is a short story that features a friend hunting a friend. A man who is forced to do the distasteful in the name of justice and honour. It’s a little sad to be honest. I can’t imagine having to man hunt a friend, but it’s also got that quintessential feeling of a western – one that focuses on good guys and bad guys and where things are just plain right and wrong. Black and white.

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The Wind and the Snow of Winter by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

This short story had some seriously long-winded sentences and paragraphs. It was quite intense in many, many ways due to this lengthy description throughout. It also made the story seem like it was progressing a lot slower than other tales in the The Mammoth Book of Westerns collection. And somehow more descriptive and enthralling… it was a bit of a weird dichotomy because I don’t normally enjoy so many run-on sentences.

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My Antonia by Willa Cather

This is the first ever full-length Western that I’ve had the privilege to read. And it wasn’t as tedious as I kind of half expected. Mostly, I was expecting it to be a little slow like the short stories I’ve been reading in The Mammoth Book of Westerns. But, it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, I kind of completely loved this novel and just devoured it in one night – I found it really difficult to put down, put away and stop thinking about. Which was surprising, specifically considering the fact that I was a bit eh about her short story.

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