Dead Girls Don’t Dance by Mary Janice Davidson


Title: Dead Girls Don’t Dance
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
Series: Undead #1.5
In: Cravings (Laurell K. Hamilton, Mary Janice Davidson, Eileen Wilks & Rebecca York)
Rating Out of 5: 4.5 (Amazing, but not quite perfect)
My Bookshelves: Paranormal romance, Vampires
Dates read: 28th June 2019
Pace: Medium
Format: Novella
Publisher: Jove
Year: 2004
5th sentence, 74th page: She coughed out more sand, cursing herself.

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Vampire Andrea Mercer is literally dug up by an old crush, Daniel Harris, and during a trip to Minnesota to see the vampire queen, her desire for him reignites.


This was a funny, cute and easy read. It took me a little longer than most novellas because I was also trying to watch a cute little movie at the same time… but in general, this was just a nice little read. I especially liked that although I thought Andrea was going to be a sweet woman. One who meets her significant other and falls a little in love. I was kind of wrong. Although she does fall for Daniel, she’s not really sweet. She’s kind of a powerhouse. And she’s pushy. And she really refuses to take anyone’s crap.

I haven’t read the first book in this series, this is my first ever Mary Janice Davidson story for that matter. So I really didn’t know what to expect at the end of the story when Andrea finally meets the Queen. Within two sentences I fell completely in love with the woman. And, as always, had to fight the urge to go out and buy the books straight away. Actually, I’m still fighting that urge. Queen Betsy is totally different to any image of a vampire queen that I have ever carried in my head before. And I was completely obsessed with it.

For most people there’s always that “what if” person. That person that you constantly wonder what if something different had happened and we’d gone down that track? Daniel is that person for Andrea, and it’s kind of sweet how he manages to completely except all of the horrors in her new life and finds himself in love with her. The fact that he does so with a healthy dose of humour and a bit of stupidity had me smiling throughout, and clutching the book to my chest after I’d turned the final page.

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