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Circle Unbroken by Ann Aguirre

I’ve always imagined reincarnation as a bit of a circle – alright, in my head it’s a seriously squiggly, knotted line. But, it joins up at either end in a never ending loop, so it’s kind of like a circle. Which means that a story in which this rebirth has been interrupted… it was kind of quickly going to pull me in.

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Once a Demon by Dina James

Unlike many of the short stories found in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, the two leads in this story aren’t the love interests. Actually, there’s no romance whatsoever between them with Katrina being a very, very happily married woman and her counterpart in this tale being a fairly notorious recluse. I liked the departure from the expected. It was nice to have two different people who had found their soul mates connecting on a more platonic level and finding common ground in their stories.

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Charmed by the Moon by Lori Handeland

I freaking adored this short story. Which really isn’t surprising since I tend to love everything written by Lori Handeland. She manages to write paranormal romance stories which are sweet and get the pulse racing. But they’re also not over the top. Most of the time, the romance is about pursuing a truth and justice. The kind of relationship that I prefer to be in – something that is about a great connection, lots of sparks, but also a sense of each other. Actually, Charmed by the Moon is more potent at this than any other story I’ve read by her thus far.

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The Vampire, the Witch and the Yenko by Tiffany Trent

I’ve never read a vampire story where the female vampires go into heat and effectively rape the male vampires. Or use them for stud, whichever way it can be looked at. In this short story, the crazy female vampire definitely had a rapey vibe. But I did love that it was a very unique take on vampire reproduction, society and morphology. Also that the vampire society described was matriarchal, not patriarchal (another first).

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The Wedding of Wylda Serene by Esther M. Friesner

This short story had me laughing out loud. All throughout. It kind of took all the worst things about weddings and turned them on their head. It made for a funny, engaging, ridiculous story that you couldn’t help but relate to. Especially when nothing turns out like you expected. And although everyone gets their happily ever after… it’s certainly not in the way that one would expect.

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The Tuesday Enchantress by Mary Jo Putney

I love that this story starts with the idea that nothing ever happens on a Tuesday. Because, hey, who hasn’t felt like that before? Tuesdays aren’t like a Monday (where everything sucks), or a Friday (when you’re all excited to have a life again)… they’re just, eh. Except for the Tuesday in this story. It was a great reminder that exciting things can happen at any time, or in any way. Even falling madly in love.

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