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Dead and Dateless by Kimberly Raye

Alright, Lil is kind of a bit of a pain throughout this story. Which I’m pretty sure I found in the first tale as well. She’s just a little too… well, girly for lack of a better word. Not someone that I can really sympathise with very well. Having said that, even though she has a tendency to be a little irritating, I also loved her character. It’s kind of making fun at some of the socialites and those with a tendency to focus on their looks. At least, that’s how I take her character. Because, at the end of the day, even though she’s kind of vapid and a little irritating, she’s also seriously sweet and has a great heart. You just can’t help but love her, even when you’re beginning to feel a little irritated by her characterisation in moments…

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Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh

So there’s definitely a reason why Nalini Singh is one of my favourite authors. Every time I open one of her books I’m completely hooked. The only reason I have been taking massive breaks between her books is that I need to you know… do adult things. And this novel is honestly no exception. I loved finding out how Elena and Raphael renegotiated their relationship after the events in Angels’ Blood.

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Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

This is a great second book to this series. I always find second books are the true hint to as to whether or not the series is worth continuing on. The first book is all about setting up the world 9and sometimes, they were originally supposed to be a standalone). But the second book is a hint as to the pace and style with which the rest of the series is going to set forth. Which made this a fantastic indication that I need to continue reading this series. Because. Wow. What a second book.

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The Unwilling by Shiloh Walker

I absolutely adored this crime novella. Not only was it a great romantic suspense, but it had a fantastic layer of paranormal moments throughout. I’m completely intrigued to see what the rest of this series will be like – psychics who are in the FBI and run around solving crimes? Plus sex? Yes please. This is exactly the kind of series that I love.

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A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

This was everything that I enjoy in a good paranormal romance and a Lynsay Sands book – it was quick, fun and easy. Light-hearted and a little titillating. And just generally a great way to spend a nice portion of time immersed in another world. It wasn’t one of those books that will necessarily linger with me long after I’ve turned the final page. But it’s one that I will probably pick up again down the line with a sense of enjoyment.

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The Goblin King by Shona Husk

From the very beginning of this novel, I had some serious recollections of the Labyrinth and David Bowe. In fact, I almost leapt straight out of bed to go and watch the movie… at midnight. Which really wasn’t a great idea. And, I did stop myself from doing so. But, mostly, I just loved that from the very opening of this story… I thought of a movie that I loved. And had a great soundtrack going through my mind. What a way to draw you into a story…

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Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

I absolutely loved this novella. It was the perfect glimpse into Nevada and Connor’s happily ever after and the perfect introduction to Catalina. A great little bridging novella that let you know that Nevada and Connor got their happily ever after. But also written in Catalina’s voice, so you immediately began to fall for her, as you said goodbye to Nevada’s voice and welcome a whole new trilogy.

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Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

I absolutely loved this conclusion to the story of Nevada and Connor. It was just as ridiculously fast-paced and intense as the first two novels. But, FINALLY Nevada and Connor are together, so you get that extra layer of steaminess that you can only find when a couple finally decides to be together. It left me with a seriously happy buzz, not only when I turned that final page. But throughout the whole storyline.

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White Hot by Ilona Andrews

Yet again, I absolutely adored this Ilona Andrews story. There is just something about her works that I find completely unforgettable. And impossible to put down. And just generally leaves me in my happy place. It’s… comforting. And enthralling. And whilst I loved the Kate Daniels books, I have a new series to heavily obsess over now… the Hidden Legacy series.

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