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The Blood Kiss by Shiloh Walker

This is my second Shiloh Walker tale, and, although I loved the first short story I read, I definitely love her longer novella far, far, far more. There was something that was sweet, seductive and fun about her character and world building. Something that made me just not want to put the story down. So I didn’t. And then I almost missed tea…

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Dates From Hell by Kim Harrison, Lynsay Sands, Kelley Armstrong & Lori Handeland

Normally I love collections like this because you can read one novella, finish it, put it down and walk away. I did manage to do this… but it was quite a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. I had already read something by every one of these authors, and so I knew that what was just around the corner was going to be fantastic. And it was this knowledge that made it nigh on impossible to stop thinking about this storyline.

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Succubus Seduction by Cheyenne McCray

There’s nothing like a good paranormal romance short story to give you a bit of a break from the piles of papers that you have to read. Or at least, that’s how I feel about it. And McCray’s short story about a succubus with a mission was perfect. There was a great level of lust and passion in the story, but the idea of betrayal and insecurity in the tale was far more enjoyable.

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Dead Man Dating by Lori Handeland

You know a story’s going to be good when it starts out stating that she was on a date with a dead man. Literally. Completely, totally and utterly, stone cold. Dead. The fact that a mysterious, Latino man dives in to save the day and the woman is stubborn enough not to let him escape. Well, it was going to be a fantastic story from the very beginning.

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Crimson Kisses by Diane Whiteside

This was a little bit too short for me. It had the feel of a plot that could have extended out for an entire novel. Especially since the hapless couple try to escape, realise they can’t and then plan to rendezvous. Afterwards, they manage to mess that up, but eventually find a way back to each other again, just a little bit later than had been anticipated. All that in less than thirty pages? It made for a great, fast-paced read, but I really wanted much more background information.

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Deal or No Deal by Erin McCarthy

There is something fun and kind of beautiful about Erin McCarthy’s stories. And it really doesn’t seem to matter what they’re about, where they’re set or what genre they fit into. This is yet another example. Although this is a novella set in the Vegas Vampires world, it had a bit more of an old-world feel to it. Or, maybe that’s just what I picked up on by having a character called Rasputin and a Russian princess who was almost killed.

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Bled Dry by Erin McCarthy

It took me a lot longer to read Bled Dry than any of the other novels in this series so far. Mostly because Corbin kind of pissed me off. He might have been attempting to do right by Brittany throughout… but mostly he was just being a bit of a ham-fisted moron. And Brittany should have smacked him around the head far more times than she did… but, once I got over my smack-Corbin feeling, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

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The Breed Next Door by Lora Leigh

We’ve all heard of the boy next door, but I’ve never read a story about the “breed” next door. Or really any kind of romance with a neighbour quite like this. Which of course meant that I loved it and didn’t want to put it down. Actually, I loved this novella so much that I went straight to my shelf to grab Tempting the Beast, the first in the series…

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Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh

I’ve been meaning to get to this story for a few months now. It just seems to be one that I pick up, look at, and then put right back down again. Until now. When I read the whole book, cover to cover in one day. It was just the right level of intrigue and danger with passion and lust. Although, the passion and eroticism of the book definitely mean that this is a book to read at home… I can’t imagine how awkward it would be to have someone reading this over my shoulder on the bus…

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