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Red Phoenix by Kylie Chan

It’s been a long time since I read this. And now I’m remembering why Dark Heavens is one of my all time favourite series. I think that come the new year (since my TBR starts again at the turn of the year) this will be the first series I sink my teeth into. There is just an amazing style, writing and storyline to this story. It is intense, fast-paced and filled with a great sense of humour. Which, since Chan is an Australian author, it’s the kind of humour that I love and recognise.

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Wick’s End by Joanna Parypinski

There is something that is just so… recognisable about telling ghost stories. It doesn’t matter what age or setting, telling tales that are sure to freak out your friends, peers and family is just… well, fun. Which of course meant that there had to be an exchange of ghost stories in a collection of Halloween tales. The fact that it’s an exchange of steadily creepier stories in a bar in the middle of nowhere… well, that had me grinning and clapping my hands like a little ninny.

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Once a Demon by Dina James

Unlike many of the short stories found in The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, the two leads in this story aren’t the love interests. Actually, there’s no romance whatsoever between them with Katrina being a very, very happily married woman and her counterpart in this tale being a fairly notorious recluse. I liked the departure from the expected. It was nice to have two different people who had found their soul mates connecting on a more platonic level and finding common ground in their stories.

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Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow

I’ve been meaning to get to the first Dante Valentine book for quite a while now… mostly because I’ve loved the short stories that I’ve read in this series and by Lilith Saintcrow in general. But it’s never seemed a good time to start a whole new series. But, I finally succumbed. And boy, am I glad that I did. Although now I have to wait until I have the money to buy the next books in the series… which is problematic because I want to know what happens next!!! The occurrences in this story are completely ground breaking, and normally happen about 3 books into an urban fantasy series like this… not at the very beginning!!!

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The Resurrectionist by Caitlin Kittredge

It took me a little bit longer than I would like to admit to realise that the lead in this wasn’t alive. That he was dead. And that was why he got hit with a shovel (and other implements) multiple times and didn’t die. It finally started to make a little more sense… but in the best, most beautiful way possible. Because I really like stories about people who are weirdly undead rolling around the world.

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Thicker Than Blood by Meljean Brook

I found this story a little bit sad. Alright, there’s a happy ending… but the fact that a couple who so obviously loves one another is kept apart by a series of mistakes and misunderstandings… it was more than a little sad. I did like that the relationship was restored because of her constant need to be near him, and desire to find a little girl collide beautifully.

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Kiss by Lilith Saintcrow

I’m still not entirely sure what the storyline in this tale was. I’m more than a little confused by it. But I liked the darkness. The idea of a villain plotting against her victims for decades… and there was a lot of information about kisses and debts to be paid… like I said, not entirely sure what I was actually reading about… but I know that I liked what I did understand.

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