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Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

This is one of those books that I keep looking at, and seriously wanting to pick up. But then, because I’m somewhat of a child… I get distracted, see something shiny and find something else. Plus, it’s a pretty big book, so I did found it somewhat of an intimidating idea to read. And now I’m regretting not reading this as soon as it came out and found a home on my shelves. Because this is freaking awesome. As in turn the final page and then just stare into space with a really bad book hangover kind of awesome…

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The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

I read this as part of a “underrated book” prompt for a reading challenge. It’s just one of those books that has been sitting on my shelf for a little while, and I figured I’d eventually get to it. And then I did… and WOW. This was really good. And fun. And just… wow. Most DEFINITELY underrated. One of the best young adult books I feel I’ve read in a while… there was just something wonderful, intense and seriously positive about this whole experience.

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We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

This novel was just… astounding. Like I am seriously, ridiculously impressed and somewhat jealous of the fact that this is Faizal’s first novel. I always know that I’ve read a good book because I finish it and just… kind of… pause. And stare into space. Which is exactly what I did at the conclusion of this story. I just sat there… staring into space and feeling all of the feelings that this novel bought on.

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Hounded by Kevin Hearne

This story was kind of fun and brilliant. It was filled with action, humour, and my favourite think of all – mythology. In particular, Celtic mythology and the practices of Druids. Don’t get me wrong, the wit and the wonder of the story are thing that I completely love. But it is just all that much better when it’s partnered with some great magic and mayhem. This is one of those books that definitely ticked all of my happy boxes.

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The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

I had thought that this would be a fairly easy read. One that I would just whisk through and enjoy without being totally floored. I was wrong. So completely and totally wrong. This story had surprise after surprise after surprise after… every page bought something new to light that I just wasn’t expecting. White managed to turn everything on its head. Repeatedly. Nothing was what I expected. And everything pulled me further into the world that White has so lovingly crafted as her own.

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The Grimoire of the Lamb by Kevin Hearne

As with the other two Iron Druid Chronicles short stories that I’ve read. This was humorous, funny and something that I really enjoyed. Partly, Oberon managed to carry a lot of this. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a scene in a story as much as his outrage at running from Bast’s cat minions. There was something ironic, funny and a little bit witty about such a moment. Which perfectly sums up this entire short story.

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The Goblin King by Shona Husk

From the very beginning of this novel, I had some serious recollections of the Labyrinth and David Bowe. In fact, I almost leapt straight out of bed to go and watch the movie… at midnight. Which really wasn’t a great idea. And, I did stop myself from doing so. But, mostly, I just loved that from the very opening of this story… I thought of a movie that I loved. And had a great soundtrack going through my mind. What a way to draw you into a story…

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Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

I absolutely loved this novella. It was the perfect glimpse into Nevada and Connor’s happily ever after and the perfect introduction to Catalina. A great little bridging novella that let you know that Nevada and Connor got their happily ever after. But also written in Catalina’s voice, so you immediately began to fall for her, as you said goodbye to Nevada’s voice and welcome a whole new trilogy.

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Wildfire by Ilona Andrews

I absolutely loved this conclusion to the story of Nevada and Connor. It was just as ridiculously fast-paced and intense as the first two novels. But, FINALLY Nevada and Connor are together, so you get that extra layer of steaminess that you can only find when a couple finally decides to be together. It left me with a seriously happy buzz, not only when I turned that final page. But throughout the whole storyline.

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