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The Black Gryphon by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

It’s been a little while since I picked up a Valdemar book. Mostly because as much as I love them, they are often pretty heart wrenching. There is always some kind of abuse or emotional turmoil that just doesn’t seem to be as prominent in many of the other fantasy books that I read. So I honestly need to make sure that I’m in a good headspace whenever I pick up one of these novels… which I was when I picked up The Black Gryphon. And boy am I glad. It was enjoyable, fun and an absolutely great read. Even if there was still that signature Lackey tragedy that made the enjoyment a little less… joyful.

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Vampire Dragon by Annette Blair

I didn’t love this as much as the first two books in Works Like Magick. I think because I was still hanging out for a story featuring Vivica. And I found this a bit of a sad conclusion to the ending of this trilogy – normally the final book rounds out the battles that are being faced. But this is still very open ended with more dragon brothers due to come in and Killian still on the run… it’s a great story, but everything just felt a little unfinished.

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Bedeviled Angel by Annette Blair

I had honestly expected the second book in this series to be about Jayden and Vivica. After all, he’s the second dragon brother to rock up in Naked Dragon. Instead, it is about a character that I didn’t even know was likely to show up. And I wasn’t in the slightest bit disappointed. After all, Queisha and Chance turn out to be a lovely couple and you just can’t but fall for them. Over and over and over again.

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Naked Dragon by Annette Blair

There is something so simple and easy about Blair’s writing that hooks me every damn time. It’s not quite a guilty pleasure, because you just feel so at peace when you’re reading her works. But it’s also not exactly the kind of book that I rave about. After all, the very simplicity and joy that her writing brings isn’t the kind of earth-shattering, life altering storyline that my loved ones really care about. That, and the fact that the overarching synopsis of this story – dragon falls to earth, works as a handyman at a future B&B, falls for the owner, they battle an evil developer… it’s not the kind of synopsis that is going to make people say “tell me more”.

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The Mammoth Book of Dark Magic edited by Mike Ashley

It took me a little while to seriously get into this collection. But, once I did… I was completely hooked. I quite obviously love fantasy from the books that fill my shelves. But, as I’ve gotten older, I have found that I am drawn again and again to fantasy of a darker bent. Although not all of these short stories suited that desire, they just weren’t that dark… this collection was still seriously brilliant.

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Last Rites by Louise Cooper

This was a seriously tripped out story. I did enjoy it. But I can’t really remember much of what happened… I suppose many of the more trippy stories that I read are like that though. They have this ethereal quality that makes you feel like you’ve forgotten what you’ve read… even though you only just turned the last page. And it’s kind of suited that a story about chaos does this so well…

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The Last Witch by James Bibby

I can’t imagine being the last of my kind. It just seems like a horribly tragic way to be, a completely tragic existence. One that totally plucks at the heart strings. And yet, Bibby’s version of the last witch and the travels that the young girl goes through are kind of funny. Seriously witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

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