Midnight Confessions by Robyn Carr

Well, that rounds out the romances of the three Foley siblings beautifully. I was a bit surprised when Drew made an appearance, but after the first page, I fell for him just like I did Erin and Marcie. I also loved the fact that Marcie’s story was a bit of a Christmas one, and Drew’s was a New Years Eve one. It just felt kind of celebratory and full circle.

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Alvin and the Apple Tree by Orson Scott Card

Like some of the westerns that I’ve read lately – this one plays with ideas of Christianity and what it truly means to be a “good” Christian. Although, I loved how this story took that topic better than some of the other topics. It also pulled in ideas of Adam and Eve, the apple, the Tree of Life, connection to nature… it was a great amalgamation of topics that completely hooked me from pretty much the very beginning.

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Veiled Enchantments by Deborah Blake

I didn’t really love the second book in the Veiled Magic series. I just didn’t feel as connected to peter as Magnus, and found him to be a bit of a pain in the butt. It didn’t help that I wasn’t in the mood to read an ebook. But Veiled Enchantments completely redeemed this series for me. It was a fantastic ending to the trilogy and just thoroughly enjoyable. I love how it ends with this feeling of things working out, but still the potential for a lot of mayhem and nonsense in the future…

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

I absolutely loved this novel just as much as I had expected. There is something fun, intriguing and seriously intense about this journey that makes it impossible to put down. And, even more importantly, seriously difficult to forget after you’ve turned that final page. This is definitely going to the top of my reread list and I think it’ll be one that I pick up again and again over the years.

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The Path by S.J. Rozan

I absolutely love the fact that this short story is about Buddhism and reincarnation. In a collection of urban fantasy short stories based around home improvement… I really wasn’t expecting something like this. And I absolutely adored how it was so different from the other stories in this collection. With a whole other mythos and renovation system that I just didn’t expect.

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Second Hand by Rajan Khanna

Cards and gambling appear to be a fairly big aspect of westerns and the whole idea of the Wild West. So of course, in a collection of Weird Westerns, there should be one that focuses on the power of cards. And boy is it a power. I love how the cards are magical weapons. It’s such a fantastic idea, and I’m kind of hoping that there are more stories which use this idea by Khanna.

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We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

This novel was just… astounding. Like I am seriously, ridiculously impressed and somewhat jealous of the fact that this is Faizal’s first novel. I always know that I’ve read a good book because I finish it and just… kind of… pause. And stare into space. Which is exactly what I did at the conclusion of this story. I just sat there… staring into space and feeling all of the feelings that this novel bought on.

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Bluebird by Malcolm Knox

It took me a little while to truly get into this novel. To be honest, at first I didn’t think that I’d enjoy it all. I found the lead character, Gordon, a little difficult to feel sympathy for or bond with. But about two chapters in, that all changed. Somehow all of those little moments that made it difficult to feel bonded with Gordon suddenly became the very reasons why I wanted him to find his own happiness and bliss. It was completely unexpected and kind of exciting. Definitely a talented way to make you seriously feel for a character, whilst also highlighting all of their flaws (and who doesn’t love a flawed protagonist?)

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