Book Review

A Restoration of Faith by Jim Butcher

Butcher starts off this short story by pointing out that this was one of the first short stories he’d ever written, and as such, it wasn’t his best work. But here, I must disagree. Or at least, not quite agree. I loved this fantastic short story, and I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to Harry Dresden’s apprenticeship days.

Book Review

A Captain of the Gate by John Birmingham

I just don’t know what I think about this short story. I liked the tone, I liked the way in which it was written, but I wasn’t really sure whether or not it was even a story until I got to the afterword. I just don’t know enough about the history of World War II or even the Allied Nations to actually pull apart this fictional historical biography.

Book Review

Stop! by Garth Nix

It was a little difficult to get into the flow of this short story. Not so much because of the style of writing, or even the militant background, but just because in the creation of these short stories, it was quite a change of pace. A strange demon like creature walks out of the middle of nowhere and heads off towards a nuclear testing site. Not sure what couldn’t go wrong there really.