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Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

This book is amazing! Ground shakingly, life-changingly amazing. Which shouldn’t surprise me. Since I felt that way about the movie when I first saw it as a teenager. After all, it’s about a young Australian girl who is just trying to find where she belongs in the world. Trying to fit in amongst racism and parental expectations. Trying to understand the past and find a way towards a new future. All things that we struggle with ourselves, just with different pressures.

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The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

I really didn’t love how this story ended. Alright, luckily there is a trilogy to follow on. But seriously… the way that ended?!?! It was a freaking frustrating ending to a trilogy. Although I still loved it. And couldn’t put it down. And had a huge smile on my face even as I was screaming on the inside. Alright, I was also cheering on the inside, because after all, the good guys won and Sonea actually did get a bit of a happily ever after. Just not the one that I wanted for her…

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What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume

I got this book in a book box from YA Chronicles. I had no idea what to expect. I’d never read anything from Jenna Guillaume. And I’m only just getting into contemporary young adult stories. But I absolutely loved it! This story is a bit like the movie Dumplin’ (I haven’t read the book yet), but with a more Australian and satirical spin. Which of course is why I loved it so much…. A sassy Australian novel about coming of age and loving yourself for who you are. Or at least finding a way to like yourself…

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Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington

I watched the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence years and years and years ago. But I only recently found out that it was actually a book. Written by the daughter of Molly, the girl who made all of the strong decisions in their journey. Which of course meant that I had to buy the book straight away. And sink my teeth and brain into this amazing journey. Something that made me uncomfortable to read about, but not as bad as I thought it would make me feel.

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Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

I’ve been meaning to get to this book for ages. Good intentions and all that. And once I picked this up… wow! It completely changed my outlook on Indigenous Australians and their culture – pre Europeans. Alright, I already had a lot of respect and fascination for these peoples, but after reading all of the different aspects of their daily lives and existences… just, wow.

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Stepping Back by Sara Mackenzie

The telling of parallel storylines is something that has been growing on me more and more as I’ve expanded my reading knowledge and obsessions. So finding one that involved time travel, the Australian landscape and a woman willing to find herself a new life worked brilliantly for my latest literary fascination.

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Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

I kind of forgot why I loved this book so much. I’ve been looking at it on my shelf for months, but couldn’t really figure out why I had such a need to stick my nose between it’s pages and lose myself. But this week I did. And it was so worth it. I’m incredibly glad that I finally succumbed to the voice in my head saying “It was awesome!”

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Through the Tiger’s Eye by Kerrie O’Connor

This was the second time that I read this book. But, the first time was when I was in early high school, and it has honestly been boxed up ever since. Which is sad, because this reread reminded me how much I truly love this story. It is fun, interesting and powerful. It is based around Australia (which is always a bonus in my book) and centres on siblings that aren’t all love and roses towards one another. Because let’s be honest, there are no siblings who always get along and never fight…

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Black Spring by Alison Croggon

The week before I read this I made an attempt at reading Wuthering Heights. I say attempt because I kind of hated it. Not the writing or the storyline, but the characterisation. So I wanted to tackle a retelling immediately after. After all, I like the idea of everything in the original, I just found Heathcliff so damn douchey that my rage couldn’t get past it to enjoy everything else that was going on. Black Spring helped to cure me of this.

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The Drowned Kingdom by Kate Forsyth

The Drowned Kingdom pulls together all of the little story threads that have been slowly released throughout the first three books of the series. The interconnectivity of the characters, the plots that span a lifetime. It is all revealed. But not completely. Just tied in well enough that you know the final reveals and the completion of the tapestry which Kate Forsyth has created will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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