Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke

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Title: Flying Blind
Author: Deborah Cooke
Series: The Dragon Diaries Trilogy #1
Rating Out of 5: 4 (Really good read!)
My Bookshelves: DragonsParanormal fantasy, Young adult
Dates read: 7th October 2019
Pace: Medium
Format: Novel
Publisher: Allison & Busby Limited
Year: 2011
5th sentence, 74th page: She snapped her fingers and chuckled.

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I will shift shape and I will cast dreams and I will be everything that I am forecast to be. I am the Wyvern. And I will claim my birthright, right here and now.

Zoe Sorensson is a perfectly normal teenage girl. That’s the problem. She’s always been told she’s destined for great things – she is a dragon shape shifter, a Pyr, and the only female one of her kind. But Zoe’s powers are AWOL, so she’s sent to Pyr boot camp.

Zoe quickly realizes that she has to master her powers yesterday, because the Pyr are in danger and boot camp is a trap. The Mages want to eliminate all shifters and the Pyr are next in line – unless Zoe and her friends can work together and save their own kind.


This is one of those random, impulse buys on my shelf. One that I saw in the shop for cheap, grabbed and didn’t even bother reading the blurb for. Sometimes they work out well, sometimes not so much. This is one of those impulse buys that did work out really well… I have a brand new, fun series to obsess over and a new author to pile onto my shelves.

As a teenager, I always had a lot of male friends, and always felt like a bit of a misfit at school. Which is why Zoe would probably have been a major favourite with me when I was in high school. She doesn’t have a huge click at school, but her life out of it is kind of intense and insane. In all of the ways that I wanted for myself… alright, I never truly believed that I could turn into a dragon… but wouldn’t that have been AWESOME?!?!

Although I’ve never had any of the pressure of being the “one hope” and a messiah to my people (most days I’m not even sure who my people are), I do understand the kind of pressure that can be placed on a person. When there is a sense of hope and belief in you it’s kind of beautiful. But it’s also really intense and overwhelming – what do you do if you stuff up? Zoe is constantly grappling with this and being questioned by her peers. There is this overwhelming sense of failure in herself, and it isn’t until she finally finds that one person to believe in her that she starts to gain her own identity again.

Flying Blind is a great coming of age tale. And it’s just the beginning of a series! It’s shows you that it’s your belief and inner strength that can lead to great things. That anything is possible, and that maybe sometimes you need to seriously take a step back and stop listening to that horrible, jealous little voice in your head…

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