Bit the Jackpot by Erin McCarthy

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Title: Bit the Jackpot
Author: Erin McCarthy
Series: Vegas Vampires #2
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Paranormal romance, Romance, Vampires
Dates read: 15th – 16th May 2019
Pace: Medium
Format: Novel
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Year: 2006
5th sentence, 74th page: In fact, at the moment, as she stood up, she had a sly little smile of satisfaction on her face, despite her no-nonsense words.

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The USA Today bestselling author of High Stakes returns to Sin City, where you can get bitten by the gambling bug – or by the sexiest vampire you’ve ever seen…

Campaign manager – and vampire – Seamus Fox has had his fill of women, since he’s been keeping tabs on his presidential candidate’s wife and female entourage. But suddenly he finds himself obsessed with a mysterious stripper who dances behind a screen. The sultry, yet shy, Cara Kim whets his appetite for more. Leave it to Seamus to fall fangs over feet for that rarest of Vegas attractions – a good girl. After a sudden run-in on the street, thought they may soon have a lot more in common…


This is such a fun, easy, cutsey little read. It doesn’t involve a lot of thought processes to actually read. But it definitely leaves you with a happy, completed feeling when you finish it. Alright, throughout the story there are a number of moments in which you want to just smack Seamus over the head. And tell Cara to get over her shit and be a real adult. But, as a general, this is a fun, easy and cute read. One that I will probably pick up again and again, whenever I just need something happy and cheerful. Something to remind me that the world is actually a happy place and true love does exist.

I never thought I’d read a story about a virgin stripper. It was something of a paradox. One that I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like at the beginning. After all, it is dealing with a number of extremes of a woman’s sexuality. But, somehow McCarthy makes it work. Cara is completely strong and independent. But she’s also incredibly vulnerable, unsure… and in so many ways, prejudiced. She has such odd ideals that make her act and think in a way that makes you want to smack her around the back of her head and tell her to get a clue. Which of course makes the book impossible to put down.

I don’t like uptight men. I don’t like them in real life. And I don’t like them in books. Generally. There is something about Seamus that made me start to think about revising my opinion of uptight men. Only a little bit because every stupid moment that he had was because he was completely rigid and unbending. This was not the kind of man that you think of as your dream man…or at least, it’s not the kind of man I could picture as that. But him and Cara work so incredibly well together that you still have a skipping heart every moment that you read about such a perfect couple.

Although this is very much a cutesy love story, I like how it becomes a little more complex with the back storyline. The election battle which is set up in High Stakes continues, but gains a lot of traction. Things start to get a lot more hairy and you wonder what evil levels the Italian will sink to next time. What the next plot will be and how the “good guys” are going to beat it. Everything you need to create a storyline that is not only fun and engaging, but also makes you impatient to turn the next page.

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