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A Stand-up Dame by Lilith Saintcrow

I liked the voice in this story. It was that very 20’s and had that kind of roughened P.I. tone to it that I have become used to in some of the more vampire noir stories. There was something about the language and storyline that just drew me in from the beginning. Mostly though it was just the fact that although this was a vampire romance, the vampire part was implied, and not outright explained.

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Vampire Unchained by Nancy Holder

I like the idea of a witch-born vampire. And that this ancestry is enough to overcome the change of vampirism. Actually, it’s the first vampire story I’ve had the pleasure of reading in which the change is reversed. And since it is a short story, this change occurs quite quickly. But it doesn’t feel forced and overbearing as it can in some short stories.

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The Music of the Night by Amanda Ashley

I haven’t yet read The Phantom of the Opera… although it is due to arrive on my doorstep at any time. Yet, the very idea of it seems to pervade all sense of modern culture. I may have never read it, seen it or had the story line told to me… Yet, I still vaguely know what it’s about and feel the romanticism of the idea. So, the fact that there is a vampire romance based on this concept was incredibly fun.

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The Midday Mangler Meets his Match by Rachel Vincent

I really enjoyed the premise set in this story – that of a reality in which being a vampire is like being a human. Completely ordinary and the standard for everyone. They go to school, they have relationships, and they even have serial killers with weird nicknames such as “Midday Mangler”. It just makes the entire story line and system of vampires that much more… “normal”. And I honestly love stories that place a paranormal reality across our everyday one in such a seamless manner.

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The Drinker by Victoria Fisher

I’m not 100% how the vampirism works in this story… I get the feeling that the heart is taken from the new vampire. And then they start to suck away people’s souls and potential. That’s at least the gist that I got from this short story. Which is a really cool concept. If I’m correct. And honestly, my biggest issue with this story was the fact that I’m really not sure what was going on and the background behind the story.

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Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day

Although there is still an epic battle with vampires to complete this story (like the first two novels in this series), most of the story doesn’t actually involve an arch nemesis or vampires in any significant way. It is about the internal battle and war that Justice must fight with himself to survive and become whole again. And I really enjoyed this change of pace. I tend to find I jump from series to series because there becomes a certain same-same in the battles that the characters are fighting, by having an internal demon as opposed to an external, Day was able to mix it up enough that I don’t yet want to put this series down in preference for another (I’ve had to because I haven’t received Atlantis Unmasked yet, but I digress…)

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