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Daniel by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

This story didn’t quite go the way that I expected. I was kind of anticipating the lead to be a woman who had some serious ties to the paranormal world. And maybe even some powers of her own that would help her in her chosen career. Not really the case, she has a single, kind of sexy, tie to the paranormal world. But nothing more. Nothing more intense and terrifying. Just one Daniel that (I think) lives in her home and is her friendly companion…

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Russian Roulette by Erin McCarthy

I’m really glad that I read this novella before Sucker Bet. If I had’ve started this after Sucker Bet, and realised that it was a tale about Sasha… I probably would have been seriously pissed off. She was kind of a bitch in the novel. But this novella made me sympathise with her and actually like her. Or at least, admire her a little more for her strength and gumption…

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Sucker Bet by Erin McCarthy

This was a great finish to a really fun little series. Alright, there are three novellas which follow it chronologically, but I read them before reading the full length novella, and they don’t really add to the greater storyline. However, Sucker Bet does and it provides some much needed answers to the political and social intrigues which are peppered throughout the four main novels.

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Luisa’s Desire by Emma Holly

Although there is no point in this story in which it is stated that Luisa is a vampire. Or really anything akin, but that’s definitely the vibe I got from this novella. A vampire who wants to live blood-free and without having to rely on anyone else. The fact that she goes to an obscure hideaway in the mountains of Tibet to find a monk who can help her to do this… well, it was just such a different take on an old favourite.

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One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

This book took me way too long to read. Not because I didn’t love it, but because I started reading it at a really crappy time in my life, and just didn’t read many books at all. It almost made me want to quickly pick up the next book in the series, At Grave’s End, and spend all night reading it. Just to make up for the fact that I haven’t had much of a chance to truly enjoy One Foot in the Grave like I usually would.

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Cave Canem by Susan Sizemore

This was a fun, engaging and enjoyable paranormal romance. The involvement of demons, hellhounds, vampires and werewolves drew me in from the very beginning. As did the jump in timeline from the prologue to the main story. The only thing I didn’t love was the fact that the man had been involved with her many times great-grandmother. It felt a little creepy that he’d been intimate with a woman, and then falls for her descendant. There’s even a moment when he notices the similarities between the two of them…

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Trust Me by Stacia Kane

While I’ve been reading The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, I’ve also been reading The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories. And I never expected any kind of overlap between the two. At all. After all, they’re two entirely different genres with no overlap whatsoever in authors. Which meant that it was incredibly surprising, although a little fun to read a story which is a vampire paranormal romance, featuring Jack the Ripper and the times in Whitechapel surrounding these killings.

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Pirate Dave and the Captain’s Ghost by Toni L. P. Kelner

This story was nothing like what I expected from the title. I was expecting a pirate ghost story and had absolutely no idea how a schooling would tie into this. After all, it is the concluding story for a collection of urban fantasies which feature teachers and school. I was not expecting a story about a werewolf and vampire in a relationship. Who own a pirate-themed water park and who were getting haunted…

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