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The Magic Word by Jennifer Fallon

Have you ever wondered what happens to the characters when you close the pages of a beloved book? I always imagine them living their happily ever afters, going on more adventures and just generally enjoying the life that they’ve been granted. But, what if it isn’t like that? The Magic Word is Fallon’s way of looking at what happens to the characters after you turn the last page of the book, after the author stops writing their story.

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City of Rats by Emily Rodda

I’ll admit – I’m a total neat freak. Just to sit down and read this book, write this review, I had to vacuum the lounge (where I’m nesting for the day), and put away the dry washing. To be fair though, my living room floor was also covered in chewed up dog toys. But I digress… the point is that I am a neat freak, but this is also tempered by the knowledge that there is such a thing as too neat. Which, is exactly what happens in City of Rats.

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The Forests of Silence by Emily Rodda

I haven’t read the Deltora Quest books since I was a kid and they were a series that I loved dearly. But, it’s something I’ve been reluctant to return to. After all, sometimes revisiting something that is held dearly in your minds’ eye just isn’t as good when you have had a few more years of experience. Luckily for me, this wasn’t quite the case.

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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

No matter how many times I read the Beka Cooper series, I am entranced by the stunningly simple and provocative words. This time, Beka is after forgers and her chase brings her to the bright and vibrant port city. Here Beka is not only forced to face up to a Rogue gone very wrong, but also her own feelings towards a man, and the first movements of a binary view on women that are beginning to surface. This story is not only a great addition to the world of Tortall, but it begins to tell the tale of just why Alanna is forced to hide her gender when she becomes a knight many generations later.

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Terrier by Tamora Pierce

It doesn’t matter how many times I read this book – I love it every damn time. Although Terrier is another tale set in the world of Tortall, it is so incredibly unique and different from the other tales set in this world. Partly this is because it is set hundreds of years before the Song of the Lioness Quartet, but it’s also because Beka is just so completely different from the other heroines throughout the series. she is from a lower social class than any of the other characters, and occupies a world that is nothing like the rest of the realm of Tortall that we’ve been introduced to.

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Holly and Iron by Garth Nix

A very unique, and thoroughly enjoyable spin on The Sword in the Stone. With a little bit of a hint of Robin Hood thrown in. Or at least, that’s the flavour that I got from Holly and Iron. And it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed. After all, they are two classic tales, and they blend seamlessly together in this fantastic short story.

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Crown of Rowan by Kim Wilkins

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this novella since I first read it! I love the idea of four sisters set in pre-Christian Europe, and the very different roles that they all play in their lives and the safety of the kingdom. Rose (the main sister in this story) is so clear and striking in my mind’s eye, and I find myself returning to her story again and again. She is the epitome of what many women must have experienced in that era – married to a man she doesn’t love, whilst yearning for the one that she does.

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