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Beard Science by Penny Reid

I think that Cletus may be my absolute favourite Winston Brother thus far. He is a little bit sick and twisted, he is definitely devious, but mostly I just love that he refuses to take crap from… well, anybody. But, mostly I just love how damn devious and sneaky the man is. And how he eventually gets his comeuppance…. That is also completely hilarious and brilliant.

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Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid

Sienna is just all things that are awesome in a woman. Like, honestly, she is freaking amazing! And funny, and quirky, and… well, I have a huge girl crush on this character (can you tell?). Not only did I thoroughly enjoy her character… but I also loved the voice / narration that she provided. It was kind of like sinking into my own brain when I was feeling chirpy and optimistic…

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Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

I did take a bit of a pause halfway through reading this novel. Mostly because Duane was in some fairly serious trouble. And I didn’t like it. Sure, I knew that it would end up begin resolved… but I still really, really, really didn’t like him being in trouble. So yeah… apparently I got WAY too attached and then couldn’t face reading the story for a little while… I don’t need a life at all. 😊

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The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

This is a fairly typical teenager story. It’s a little angsty, it’s about coming of age and discovering oneself. And it’s fairly self-centred all in all. Which to me, is what a lot of teenagers / teenage stories are like. I mean, the name of the book in itself gives that fact away. It’s also an incredibly sweet story and a reminder of my own summers when I was growing up and figuring out just who I was. Making it a seriously enjoyable and easy read (which is exactly what I wanted at the time).

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Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid

This novel may be about Ashley, but for me, the brothers just steal the show. There is something about a clan of brothers coming together around their little sister and their mother that makes me incredibly happy. Ashley is great. But it’s the Winston Brothers and Drew that made me feel seriously emotionally vested. Which makes it a brilliant prequel to the Winston Brothers series and a great little teaser into another series that needs to fill my shelves.

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Love Hacked by Penny Reid

Well. I wasn’t expecting this kind of story. It came a little out of left field and was really unexpected compared to the rest of the Knitting in the City stories so far. But then, Sandra is a little different. Which I love. So I really shouldn’t have been so surprised. And saying that it was completely unexpected doesn’t mean that I didn’t absolutely adore this story. Rather, it was just so wonderfully, pleasantly, and enjoyably unexpected.

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Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid

This was such a beautifully cute novel. I like the idea of people who were in love at a young age re-finding each other as adults. The fact that there is a bit more tragedy and confusion in the past just helped to add to my love of this novel. It was just seriously cute and adorable. And, even though Elizabeth’s wedding is revealed in Neanderthal Marries Human, there were enough surprises throughout that it no longer irritated me.

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Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid

Most of the romance series that I read have the main story about a couple and then that tends to be it. Sometimes there is a bit of a follow up with a novella or short story. Or even a mention of the couple (and maybe their wedding) in a following novel in the series. But this is the first time I’ve read a full-length novel follow up to a couple getting together. And I really loved it. Plus, even though most of the time I don’t necessarily need this… I think that in the case of Janie and Quinn, it is somewhat necessary… there were just many unanswered questions and moments at the conclusion of Neanderthal Seeks Human.

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Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

I’ve been meaning and meaning to get to this novel for a while. After all, it finishes out a great series that I have absolutely adored and I also hated that the very final book in a trilogy has just been sitting, unread on my shelves. Now that I’ve read it… wow… I definitely should have sunk my teeth into this WAY WAY earlier.

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