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On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

I have no words for how amazing an introduction to this series On the Edge was! This is the exact reason why Ilona Andrews is one of my ALL TIME favourite authors! She creates a great, dynamic world and takes you on a journey with a sassy, spicy woman who knows her on mind. As the second series by Ilona Andrews that I have read, there are certainly a few stark differences between The Edge and Kate Daniels. For starters, there is a lot more steam and romance in The Edge. Which, since I’ve been in the mood for that, is completely desirable. I have no idea what to expect from Bayou Moon, but I can’t wait for it regardless!

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Princess in the Spotlight by Meg Cabot

I love Mia. Like me, she is incredibly adept at putting her foot in it. She also overthinks everything and just seems entirely incapable of doing anything in a sane, collected manner. Yet, no matter how much trouble she seems to find herself in (and since this is a teenage girls’ voice, it was amplified), Mia seems to find a way out of it at the end. And there is, again, a beautifully profound moment of self-realisation at the end.

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The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

I got this book yesterday, and bought it because, well, I love the movies. Which is why I wasn’t really expecting to love the books. Generally, I love the movies, or I love the books, but almost never both. Actually, I think that this is the first time I’ve fallen head over heels for both. They’re just different enough that I wasn’t 100% sure of what was going to happen, but so similar that it was that same story that I grew up watching and made me fall in love with Anne Hathaway.

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Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares

I cried like a little bitch. And it tends to take quite a lot for me to cry. I have lots of internal tears over books, and I tend to sit up long after I’ve finished reading a really good book to reminisce and think about it. But actual tears, leaking onto the page? Yeah, that doesn’t happen often. Which is a testament to not only how brilliantly this is written, but to the potency of the emotions and the storyline.

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Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares

This was kind of the end of the series (but not quite, since there is actually a fifth book). It felt like the end though, because Tibby, Carmen, Bee and Lena all finally join the real world of adulthood. They’ve just finished their first year at college (I still refer to it as university though), and they’re trying to find themselves as women. But, and this is the biggest difficulty, finding themselves as adults, while still staying true to each other.

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Girls in Pants by Ann Brashares

This series just keeps getting better and better. It’s definitely one that will be read again and again and again. The four girls continue to grow older, confront their pasts and turn from the girls that they were into the women that they can be. Actually, pausing between books to write this review is a little like torture. Girls in Pants leaves them right on the cusp of adulthood, heading off to college (or university for us Aussies). And I can’t wait to open up Forever Blue.

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The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

It was just as good as the first! No. Scratch that. It was better! Because I already loved the characters. And I had already spent one summer of tears and trials with them. So I just needed to spend another one with them. And I wasn’t in the slightest bit disappointed. Some sequels are just not all they’re cracked up to be – this one was a lot better than I had expected. And more of a surprise since I haven’t seen the movie.

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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce

No matter how many times I read the Beka Cooper series, I am entranced by the stunningly simple and provocative words. This time, Beka is after forgers and her chase brings her to the bright and vibrant port city. Here Beka is not only forced to face up to a Rogue gone very wrong, but also her own feelings towards a man, and the first movements of a binary view on women that are beginning to surface. This story is not only a great addition to the world of Tortall, but it begins to tell the tale of just why Alanna is forced to hide her gender when she becomes a knight many generations later.

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