Tag: Dark Fantasy

Bamboozled by Kelley Armstrong

I love reading a paranormal fantasy story and spending it trying to guess what “being” the lead characters are. In the case of this story, I spent my whole time trying to figure out what Nate and Lily’s paranormal species was. I didn’t get it. And now, knowing what I know… I feel like it should have been WAY obvious… but oh well.

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Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

This is a great second book to this series. I always find second books are the true hint to as to whether or not the series is worth continuing on. The first book is all about setting up the world 9and sometimes, they were originally supposed to be a standalone). But the second book is a hint as to the pace and style with which the rest of the series is going to set forth. Which made this a fantastic indication that I need to continue reading this series. Because. Wow. What a second book.

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Squatter’s Rights by Rochelle Krich

The start of this story made me think that it was going to be kind of cute and super sweet. Turns out I was wrong. Fairly seriously wrong too to be honest. This is not a sweet short story. It does not have a happy ending. In fact, I don’t suggest reading it just before bed… there is just something goose bump creating about it that left me cringing and feeling very seriously uncomfortable.

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Wasted by Jennifer Estep

This was a nice little short story from Finn’s point of view. It takes place not long after Web of Lies and I get the feeling that it also nicely sets the storyline up for Venom. I was also not quite ready to leave the world of Gin and Finn, so this was just a nice little time filler until Venom arrives on my doorstep.

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Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep

There is something beautifully intense about the Elemental Assassin stories. Which isn’t really surprising when you consider that the stories are set in a world much like Gotham City. And the lead is an assassin. And there is a massive conspiracy that even in the second book is only just unfolding. It makes a great intensity and a kind of impossible to forget story unfolds before your eyes. I had wondered how that intensity would carry on from the first book after Gin retires… and wow. Did it work well.

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Two Blondes by Charlaine Harris

This was a really, really good, funny and enjoyable short story. It featured all of the aspects of the Sookie Stackhouse short stories that I’m seriously beginning to love and a little more information about the series as a whole… I should probably actually pick up the full-length novels again… this was just such a great reminder of how enjoyable they really are.

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The Monstrous edited by Ellen Datlow

This collection is brilliant. It is dark, creepy and intense. It is fun. It gave me goose bumps. And it is filled with monsters who come in ALL shapes and sizes. And I mean ALL. A wonderful, fantastic and seriously enjoyable collection filled with the things that go bump in the night. The things that you really hope aren’t hiding under your bed.

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