Tag: Horror

Dead Hand by Sharyn McCrumb

I don’t follow cars. Or racing. And especially not NASCAR. I only really vaguely know anything about it to be honest. So reading a short story that had a horror component was kind of interesting. And a little disconcerting. And I didn’t entirely understand this short story…

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The Mathematical Inevitability of Corvids by Seanan McGuire

I feel like I liked this story a little tooooo much. It was dark, twisted and resulted in murder. And yet I absolutely loved it. Can’t stop thinking about it. Feel almost completely obsessed with it. Although, unlike most short stories that I love this much… I’m more than happy that it ended when it did. This was poignant and powerful, but it was also perfectly succinct in what it was attempting to entail.

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Alis by Stephen Graham Jones

This sent shivers up my spine. It gave me goosebumps. And I had to actually walk away from my computer, clean the house and make sure there were no ghoulies in it before I could even consider writing this review. It was that damn creepy. But also amazing. And something I will read again. In the middle of a very well-lit day.

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O Terrible Bird by Sandra Kasturi

I knew that the collection Black Feathers was a horror collection based around birds. I knew this, and yet, it wasn’t until I read the opening poem that I really clicked as to what this truly meant. And then I was just uncomfortable. And drawn in. And imagining dark shadows soaring above us. This poem took me on a complete journey of horror and wonder. And in such a short amount of time.

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Love Seat Solitaire by D.L. Snell

This story just reaches a whole new level of weird and creepy. I was expecting a good, funny, humorous haunting story from the beginning. It didn’t turn out that way. It was all fun and games and whirlies… until it wasn’t. Then it was sick and twisted and disturbed. And not in that fun, make you think kind of way… in that… what did I just read kind of way.

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