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How the Marquis Got His Coat Back by Neil Gaiman

After reading Neverwhere, I felt completely, intensely, happily complete. It is just one of those stories that you turn the final page and just go… wow. And then break out into a HUGE smile. What I didn’t really think about though was that the Marquis had lost his coat. And, well, really anything much about the Marquis because he wasn’t my most or least favourite character. And then I found this short story at the back of my novel…

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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

As with all Neil Gaiman books, I have heard nothing but good things about this novel. And I bought a special edition in a sale because it was illustrated… which always makes me happy. What I didn’t expect was that this would quickly become my favourite Neil Gaiman book. There is just something so wonderful and fantastic about this story… it’s impossible to forget. And, honestly, why would you want to? I think that the world of London Below is the kind of place I’d be happy living in… for about 5 minutes, and then I’d die…

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The Wings The Lungs, The Engine the Heart by Laurie Tom

At the start of this story I was a bit “eh” about it. There didn’t seem to be much that seriously was going to draw me in. And I mostly cringed at the whole idea – a heart in a box that could bring the dead back to life. And they chose someone whose heart had been impacted by a bullet… it was a set up for something of a tragedy that I was waiting to find cringe-worthy. It didn’t end up going this way. But at the beginning I did have some reservations.

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Sweep of the Blade by Ilona Andrews

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading an Ilona Andrews book for a little while. I was waiting for some to come out, and then I just honestly got kind of distracted. And now I’m wondering why it has taken me so damn long to pick up the latest Innkeeper Chronicles book from my shelf. Or at least, the latest that I own…. I now need to buy the next book in the series. But anyway… this story has the usual, strength, action and intensity of Andrews’ books and I found it completely impossible to put down.

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Near-Beauty by M.E. Beckett

One of the things that I love the most about this story is that it’s not about a stunningly beautiful woman. Or a frog that miraculously turns into a gorgeous prince. It’s about those that are almost beautiful. That almost make the cut. It’s a great way to retell a well-known fairy tale, but with a more relatable spin to it.

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Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman

I figured this would be a pretty good and intense book – it’s apparently won quite a few awards. Plus, Coleman is an Indigenous Australian woman. So she was probably going to write about things and topics which I am constantly trying to find out more about being a white Australian woman and all… I DID NOT realise how intense this was going to be… or how unforgettable. And well, kind of life changing.

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Alien Sex edited by Ellen Datlow

This is the single most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever read. Like wow uncomfortable. And not in bits and pieces. But pretty much every single story in this was uncomfortable. Not that that’s bad. But it’s very hard to read a book quickly when you know that things aren’t going to be, well, pleasant. Which makes it incredibly WOW to read. I suggest this to everyone who loves their science fiction.

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