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Murphy’s Law by Morgan Leigh

I was kind of expecting a tragedy or many things to go hilariously wrong in this story. After all, the name of it is Murphy’s Law. Yet, that’s not what I found. This was, undoubtedly kind of humorous and very cute. But mostly it was a story in which pretty much everything went right. After all, a woman quits her job and runs away to escape the man that she’s in love with. And in doing so, managed to find her happily ever after.

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Hot and Bothered by Kayla Perrin

Most romances you meet is about that moment that lovers meet and / or figure out that they’re meant for each other. Which makes sense, because that’s kind of the point of a romance. This story takes a bit of a departure from that. It’s about that moment afterwards, when things have completely fallen apart. And how things can be put back on track. When it’s not about that instant attraction, but making your crap and bullshit work with one another’s.

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My Thief by MaryJanice Davidson

Every MaryJanice Davidson story I’ve read is completely off-kilter different from what I’d expected and just downright funny. This novella was no different. My Thief had me out and out laughing, smiling and just grinning as the heroine, who is so different to what you’d expect, hooked up with a hunky accountant. Talk about turning stereotypes on their head.

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Blue Crush by Erin McCarthy

One of the hardest things about being a driven, independent and intelligent woman is that it’s something which doesn’t always go over too well with the people you’re surrounded with. The fact that this novella features a woman whose main hang-up is exactly that was seriously enjoyable. And way, way, way too relatable.

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One Wilde Weekend by Janelle Denison

A secret weekend away with the boyfriend… who has a hidden agenda. It kind of sounds perfect, except for the fact that the woman in this story doesn’t really want to be tied down and has major issues. It made me think of a few people that I know. This idea that love makes you weak. Alright, it kind of does, because you’re putting your trust in another person and that shit is scary. But, honestly, it makes a great tale – learning to trust and what it actually takes to put that much trust in one person.

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The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I read this in one sitting. Literally. I thought I’d pick up a book and just enjoy an easy read for an hour or so. But then, I couldn’t put it down. And forgot to eat. And went to bed really late. I have GOT to stop doing that. I also read this while I was watching the movie. Which is also amazing. Actually, I’m not entirely sure which version I loved more. They are really nothing alike. Except for the fact that there’s a Bianca and Wesley… and the use of the term DUFF.

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Some Like It Hot by Lori Foster

This was an incredibly cute and easy novella. A good read at the end of a long day and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It started out a little tedious… but then it gained traction. And was actually quite cute. Not the kind of story that will get your pulse racing, but one that makes you smile that happy, secret little smile.

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Four Dukes and a Devil by Cathy Maxwell, Elaine Fox, Jeaniene Frost, Sophia Nash & Tracy Anne Warren

I’ve had this collection on my shelf for a little while. And wow! Why did it take me this long? I completely loved all five novellas. They managed to run the gambit of romance genres and all featured good, strong women who you were completely gunning for the entire time. Five different couples, five different authors, five different settings, one really good adventure. This is the first collection in a long time that I have wanted to read cover to cover instead of taking a break in between like I usually do…

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Burned Promises by Willow Winters

I thoroughly enjoyed this story – but I was a bit thrown out by the little prologue. It really didn’t fit into the story – and the broken promise from the blurb… not entirely sure where that whole idea came from either. If you ignore those two teases, this is actually a really fun, cute and easy read. It’s romantic, fun and has definitely made me want to buy a few more books by Willow Winters since it was just such a pleasant experience.

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