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Flowers on Main by Sherryl Woods

Bree is the quiet, lovely O’Brien sister. So I seriously looked forward to reading her story. After all, she’s the quiet sane sister. And sometimes they’re the ones that are the most ridiculously fun. Particularly when you begin to find out about the things in her past which made her run. And the lead man in this story? Jake… he’s just gorgeous. And underhanded. And wonderful.

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The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods

What a beautiful start to a beautiful series. It’s cute, it’s quaint and it’s everything that I love in a good contemporary romance series. Particularly since I seem to be drawn to the series which feature older adults now. And second chance love stories. And people with a ridiculous amount of history that makes you go yup… we all have a bit of a tough time in life… but there’s hope!

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Good With His Hands by Lori Foster

This is such a sweet, adorable and cute novella. It was an easy read and one that I really liked delving into right before I turned the lights out for the night. Pleasant dreams abound after reading this gorgeous little novella. It’s one of those stories that reminds you that love exists. In all places and at all times. And, that sometimes it’s the person you most think is unsuited that happens to be your perfect soulmate…

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On Fire by Sylvia Day

This was an incredibly fast-paced, heart-pumping novella. It was a little gritty, a lot of fun and incredibly intriguing. It had my heart pumping, my breath catching and my jaw clenching. Which is everything that you want in a romantic suspense novella. There was also some lovely, hot, steamy sex… which was just a little bit toe curling.

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Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh

Even when I sit down to write this review a few days after I finished reading Rock Redemption, I still don’t quite have the words for the absolute awesomeness that is this novel. I loved the first three Rock Kiss stories, but there was just something… extra wow about this novel. It is brilliant, complex and kind of beautiful. But also incredibly heart-rending and serious. A perfect mix in a contemporary romance novel if you ask me (which you probably didn’t, but I’m still going to give you my opinion…).

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Rock Hard by Nalini Singh

Charlotte’s history is alluded to in Rock Addiction, and like Rock Courtship, that little allusion in the first novel made me really, really want to find out more. And I was seriously happy that Charlotte and Gabriel get their own full-length novel. Because, wow, Charlotte’s story is seriously intense and somehow all the more beautiful for the horrors that she faces.

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Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh

David and Thea’s relationship begins to blossom and be heavily hinted at throughout Rock Addiction. But it isn’t until this novella that you get to find out the truth. Mostly, I was seriously curious about the “bad thing” that happened at some point in the timeline and their need to be together, alone for a while. Now I know. And it was a brilliant little side point in the story line.

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Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

There are certain authors that every time I pick up one of their books, I genuinely wonder how I forgot how damn good their writing is. And Singh is definitely one of these authors! I walk away from her books for a little while, but then I pick up the next one in my pile… and WA BAM! I just can’t forget about the story. And it makes me want to scour my shelves for all the other Singh books so that I can have that enjoyment again and again and again.

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That Holiday Feeling by Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods & Robyn Carr

This is a great collection. I probably should have read it closer to Christmas. But, in the midst of all of the insanity, it was nice to read something so uplifting. A collection that is all about family, love and spending a holiday together. Actually, I very rarely even concentrated on the Christmas aspect of these three novellas – I just liked the family and love themes that ran throughout and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Under the Christmas Tree by Robyn Carr

I needed to read something cute and sweet when I picked up this novella. I had been reading an amazing book (A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing). But it was also kind of dark and made you feel very, very uncomfortable to read. Thus, I needed something positive and light and cute and sweet to read. So, of course I decided that I needed to revisit Virgin River and the water down there that makes everyone fall in love… it was a great way to break that feeling of discomfort.

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