Bled Dry by Erin McCarthy

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Title: Bled Dry
Author: Erin McCarthy
Series: Vegas Vampires #3
Rating Out of 5: 4.5 (Amazing, but not quite perfect)
My Bookshelves: Paranormal romance, Romance, Vampires
Dates read: 16th May – 7th July 2019
Pace: Medium
Format: Novel
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Year: 2007
5th sentence, 74th page: But we will be discreet until the election is over.

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Only in Vegas can a one-night stand with a vampire beat the odds – from the USA Today bestselling author of Sucker Bet and Bit the Jackpot…

Hooking up with a vampire has its risks – but getting pregnant usually isn’t one of them. Tell that to Brittany Baldizzi, who finds herself in the family way with no father in sight. After their one night of passion, vampire Corbin Jean Michel Atelier disappeared off the face of the earth – or at least off the Vegas Strip…

Corbin is a vampire with a cause – he is secretly trying to find a cure for his condition. But when he finds out Brittany is pregnant with his child, Corbin can’t keep his parental instincts from trumping his bloodsucking ones. Even when showing his hand could cost him the woman he can’t help but love…


It took me a lot longer to read Bled Dry than any of the other novels in this series so far. Mostly because Corbin kind of pissed me off. He might have been attempting to do right by Brittany throughout… but mostly he was just being a bit of a ham-fisted moron. And Brittany should have smacked him around the head far more times than she did… but, once I got over my smack-Corbin feeling, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

There are almost no romance stories in my shelves that feature a pregnant woman. There are many that mention a previous couple becoming pregnant, but none that actually have this as a central plot point. It was a nice change. Babies might not be my thing, and I’m unsure about motherhood, but I think it’s an integral aspect of our lives (for so many obvious reasons). The fact that it was the central point of the storyline and the reason for all of the complications (both positive and negative) was incredibly fun. It didn’t take away from the romance or the passion, but it did provide an entirely new standpoint that I just lapped up.

I’ve never read a story in which the vampire wanted to reverse the act of vampirism. Most of the tales end like High Stakes and Sucker Bet where the mortal significant other is turned to run off into the sunset living happily ever after. This didn’t quite end like that… and the fact that Corbin wanted to grow old with Brittany instead of living forever, well, I kind of liked that ending far more. It was about those finite, happy moments you have together and raising a family in a lifetime, not staying together for ever and having no reason to live every day like it’s your last…

Although the first two thirds of this story involved me mostly being pissed off because Corbin was being an idiot, once I got past that. And he got past his own stupidity, I actually really loved this story. It had that same cutesy, sweet feeling that I’m getting used to in McCarthy’s stories. And left me with the typical, nostalgic, happy smile that her works always leave me with.

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