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Recruit by Kelley Armstrong

Recruit touches on a couple of issues for the werewolf pack. Firstly, they need to find new recruits without telegraphing their vulnerability to those who wish them ill. Secondly, when they do find someone who wishes to join them, the need to assess their suitability becomes increasingly difficult. Roy’s attempted blackmail and slightly skewed way in which he attempts to ingratiate himself with the pack is a great way to remind us of this.

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Checkmate by Kelley Armstrong

Elena and Clay are the dream team of hunting and justice. Clay is ruthless and protective in a way that excludes all other emotions. Elena on the other hand can be a little too protective of her family, yet is quick to ask for evidence before execution. Combined, they make a great team, and this short story was a way in which to show this without the influence of the rest of the pack.

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Lucifer’s Daughter by Kelley Armstrong

Hope and Karl are such a unique couple (although the thing that I love about the Women of the Otherworld series is that all of the couples are incredibly unique). At the conclusion of Living with the Dead, Karl chooses to leave Hope to her own devices. To allow her to learn the control she needs over her own powers, and abilities. So, revisiting them after they have been united was a really enjoyable way to spend some time.

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Learning Curve by Kelley Armstrong

Every time I read a short story featuring Zoe Tanaka, I fall a little more in love with her. Her unique outlook and career as a vampire was certainly fascinating in Broken, but it isn’t until you get the privilege of knowing her more that the enigma that is Zoe is truly revealed. Unlike initial impressions (mostly by Elena), Zoe isn’t a weak, scared pushover, she is exactly the opposite. And her ability to manipulate a situation to suit herself, without resorting to violence is a great draw in for her character and the storyline.

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Angelic by Kelley Armstrong

Every time I read a new Eve story, I fall a little more in love with her character. Although at the beginning she seems like nothing more than a Black Witch, the more her journey is revealed, the more the cracks in this façade appear. She is nothing like what she originally appeared to be in Stolen, and Angelic just brings her further from the image that is quickly built up by others’ descriptions.

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Zen and the Art of Vampirism by Kelley Armstrong

I really liked meeting Zoe Tanako in Broken – she is the exact opposite to every other vampire that I have met, not only in this series, but also throughout the many other paranormal fantasy books that I’ve read. Zen and the Art of Vampirism gives a better insight into not only her character, but also her past. It also explained one of the two ways of being turned into a vampire better – the non-genetic way. Although it took a little while to understand why this short story was named thus, it did make a lot more sense in the light of her complex and incredibly surprising past.

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Chivalrous by Kelley Armstrong

The Women of the Otherworld series has introduced me again and again to the werewolves of the North American Pack and those who roam free across the country. And as much as I thoroughly enjoy this world, and these characters, it was especially enjoyable to meet a werewolf in Australia. Placing the story within a world that I am way more familiar with, and having a character who loves him family deeply just made me love this novella even more.

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Stalked by Kelley Armstrong

Nothing is simple with Clay and Elena – something that I’ve enjoyed about their relationship, and, luckily, their honeymoon is no different. Although this story takes place at a point in the series when they have had children, forgiven the past and finally decided to happily spend the rest of their lives together, there is still many moments of contention throughout the short story. Not just Clay and Elena’s natural tendency to be difficult and argumentative, but also through the presence of mutts.

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Twilight by Kelley Armstrong

Cassandra is an incredibly odd character in the Women of the Otherworld series – she isn’t really likeable, but she also isn’t horrible enough to truly dislike. It is her apathy and lack of regard for others that just seems so at odds with the rest of the characters, and makes her seem cold and withdrawn from the rest of the world. Which, in all honesty, she is. However, some of her gumption and reasoning behind this apathy for the rest of the world is explained in Twilight.

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