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Safely Home by Christina Skye

I started this novella wondering just how a story about caring for the elderly could morph into a contemporary romance story. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few stories I’ve read which feature the elderly in these settings. But they’re never the actual focus, and, since I’m still young and sprightly, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read a story in which the elderly person was the love interest. Luckily for me, that’s not the case in this story either. Whilst it does feature caring for the elderly, the romance is all about a younger couple.

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Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr

This was such a beautiful story. Which, really isn’t surprising. Because pretty much every Robyn Carr story seems to be beautiful. I just can’t get enough of the woman! The fact that it’s loosely set within the Virgin River series just makes me fall all that much harder for this story. Even though there is just a peripheral attachment / appearance of Mel and Paige.

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The Cowboy’s Lady by Debbie Macomber

This was a very sweet and relaxed romance. I bought it because I enjoyed Macomber’s novella Silver Bells and wanted to find out more about the Manning family. Starting with Taylor was definitely a good decision and I found that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was also a really nice and easy read, which I needed since I was recovering from being sick while reading this.

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Almost Lost by Joan Johnston

This is the first novella in the More Than Words: Volume 6 collection. And boy is it a great way to start. This is intense and serious, but yet manages to still bring in the sweetness that contemporary romances have. A fantastic balance of the two when dealing with a very real and serious issue / danger.

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In a Heartbeat by Alice Pung

I really liked this short story. It took all of about thirty seconds to realise that the narrator was talking to their unborn baby, which was good otherwise this would have made zero sense. Not only is it a great way to show the future mother’s love for her child, but it’s also a good way to sshow the change in thought processes that the future mother is going through.

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User Friendly by Erin McCarthy

One of my favourite tropes in contemporary romances (or indeed any romances) is the friends to lovers trope. After all, I think that knowing someone on that level and then wanting them on a more intimate level is absolutely beautiful. Particularly when it’s a friendship that is a no-holds barred kind of friendship. Brilliant, honest and completely see-through. So of course, since this was one of those stories… I fell head over heels.

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Midnight Assignment by Victoria Dahl

This was a wonderfully fun novella about missed chances, assumptions, and, ultimately, second chances. I fell into it from the very beginning and just seriously enjoyed every single moment of it. It was incredibly difficult to put down and away. Which is exactly what I want in a novella – I normally have enough time to read them in one sitting, unlike novels sometimes.

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