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The Wager by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Here I’m speaking from personal experience: sometimes you should just keep your damn mouth shut. And the narrator of this short story is definitely in agreement with me. He should have kept his mouth shut, and then maybe he wouldn’t be in purgatory. Definitely enjoyed this story. But it’s in a collection of romances… and I don’t feel like this is a romance at all. Sure, there’s a little lust, but it’s not exactly about a romance between two individuals.

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The Difference Between Deceit and Delusion by Domino Finn

This entire story was just a complete, total and utter massacre. Which I loved. Because I’m a blood-thirsty little freak. But it’s probably not okay that I actually enjoyed this much death and killing. I grinned the whole way through this story. Completely unable to remove the grin from my face. But, it’s hooked me into this series. So obviously it was a story that was worth reading and a series that will make it to the top of my TBR list.

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Blue Crush by Rachel Caine

The Weather Warden series is one of those that I thoroughly enjoy. Yet, I don’t tend to pick it up as quickly. Probably because the chapters are pretty much half the novel. Having said that, reading Blue Crush reminded me how much I love this series and how much I need to read the next one. There is just something about Jo’s spunk that draws me in. Even when it’s a short story about a day at the beach with her lover…

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Il Est Ne by Carrie Vaughn

I vaguely remember from French that il est ne means something like it isn’t. I think… it’s been a while since I studied French. But, if that is the literal translation for this story… it kind of works well. It’s a tale of Kitty at Christmas time, alone and without family, friends or pack. And another werewolf who is also completely alone. There is always something perpetuated as quite sad about such an eventuality.

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Devil to Pay by Jeaniene Frost

This year I’ve managed to read a few Night Huntress novels and each time, I fall a little bit more in love with the series. There is just something amazingly engaging and fun about it! But, what I got really, really excited about in this novella – it’s the first story so far in the series which features a demon! Not sure why, but that was a ridiculously exciting moment for me…

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Unexpected Choices by Diana Pharaoh Francis

So far in the collection of Urban Enemies, this is the most coherent story. All the other stories, you definitely have to read the rest of the series, or at least some of it, to understand the characters. To the point that I’ve almost given up… almost. And then you get a story like this… which makes sense completely on its own. I still feel like I need to read the series attached to this. But because it was such a great story, not because I finished it and sat there wondering “huh”?

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Nos Galan Gaeaf by Kelley Armstrong

Halloween has always felt like somewhat of a dark holiday to me. There is just something about it that isn’t all clean and shiny like many of the other holidays and festivals that we celebrate. So I really loved that Armstrong took this and made it even darker, twistier and waaaaaaaay scarier. She created a kind of horrible (but also bloody brilliant) story that I look forward to reading again in the future.

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