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Gift Wrap by Charlaine Harris

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a Sookie Stackhouse Christmas short story. I knew it would be a little off-kilter and a lot of fun. But beyond that… really not sure how Charlaine Harris would deal with the theme of werewolves and Christmas in the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology. Turns out, she dealt with it brilliantly, kind of amusingly and in a really engaging way.

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Tacky by Charlaine Harris

I still haven’t met Dahlia in the main Sookie Stackhouse series, probably because so far I’ve only read Dead Until Dark. But, I’ve read a number of short stories which feature her, and I completely adore those. She is spunky, hardcore and has a major attitude problem. All the sorts of things that I thoroughly enjoy in a heroine. The fact that she’s a lot older and unaware of some wedding traditions such as “ugly bridesmaid dresses” just made me love her all the more.

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A Princess of Spain by Carrie Vaughn

I only recognised that this was about Henry the VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon because I read Falling Pomegranate Seeds. Which is amazing (read it). But, since I’m not all that well versed and, quite frankly, interested in Tudor History, I wouldn’t have really clicked as to what this story was actually about. Having said that, even if I hadn’t. I still would have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s obviously a story about a historical figure, and it has a beautiful dose of the paranormal. Both things which always draw me in. Actually, I’m finding that the short stories in the lead up to Kitty and the Midnight Hour are so far beautifully able to mention historical moments that are quite well known. But in a oh so subtle way.

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Bellum Romanum by Carrie Vaughn

Thoroughly enjoyed the idea of a villain who is simply seeking revenge on the entire paranormal community because he was forced to join it. No more sinister, intense reason, nothing else going on… he’s basically just cracking the shits because someone turned him against his will, so he may as well burn the whole world down because of it. Talk about a temper tantrum.

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Xoe by Sara C. Roethle

This wasn’t a bad book. I think most of my “meh” feelings about it just come from the fact that I had to read it as an ebook. There is just something about the format that I really don’t enjoy. And it means that I just don’t get as involved in the stories as I otherwise would… which is quite sad. Because I think if this was a paperback, I would have completely ripped through it. In the best way possible…

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“All Shook Up” by P.N. Elrod

This story is a little crazy and different. It’s kind of intense, super fun and features Elvis. Which, of course, immediately makes me think of my Mum. Because she is completely Elvis obsessed. A bit like the Grandmother in this story… a woman who is just deliciously enthralled by the long-dead entertainer. I actually thought that in this story he had been bought back to life… but it was still just an impersonator.

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The Screams of Dragons by Kelley Armstrong

I kind of forgot how disturbing Kelley Armstrong’s stories are. They’re so much darker than most of the fantasy that fills my shelves. And there’s not necessarily always a happy ending… although it does mostly work out that way. This short story goes to the top of the kind of disturbing list… especially when the story features a boy who is so obviously not okay… and, eventually completely evil.

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