The Horse and his Boy by C.S. Lewis

I feel like this is sort of a forgotten part of The Chronicles of Narnia series. It takes place when the four are still in power, but follows a different boy from a country across the desert. Shasta’s upbringing is less than ideal and he struggles to find compassion and love in his daily life. Yet, when he meets the Narnian Bree, they both embark on a journey across the land to save not only the four, but the land of Shasta’s birth.

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The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

I found this Narnia story a little harder to get into at the beginning. Probably because the rest of the books have got residual characters from previous books. Characters that I have already formed an attachment to. However, from the third chapter onwards, I was happily hooked and involved. And, as it turns out, these are characters and happenings that are actually integral to the story of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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A New Beginning

This week was Tyson's first stint away. It was only four days, instead of the usual week, but it's still been weird. For a couple that has spent almost every two days together since they met, it's a weird feeling. We've been living together for over four years, and not having him around has just been... odd.

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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Other Strange Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson

This was my first introduction to Robert Louis Stevenson. I bought it a while ago, because I wanted to read some classics and feel cultured. It proceeded to collect dust on my shelf while I pursued other obsessions. But, after reading this, I must say, I think I waited too long. Although sometimes the writing was a bit more convoluted than I am used to, and I often had to pause and reread aspects of the story to wrap my head firmly around the wording, I enjoyed every moment of it. And yes, I feel like I expanded on my cultural understanding and knowledge (a fallacy I am sure).

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The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

This was my first ever steampunk novel. I decided to find one for the Popsugar reading challenge, and I’m so glad that I did. My life (and my personal library) have been changed forever. I’ve always had an interest and love for the steampunk subculture, but it’s always just been a passing interest. Now that I’ve read this book, it’s more than a passing interest, it may grow into a full blown obsession to be quite frank. The mentions of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Journey to the Centre of the earth have also further increased my To Be Read pile.

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The Strange Case of Finley Jayne by Kady Cross

This was a great way to start the Steampunk Chronicles series. It introduces Finley, her strange affliction and her strong sense of loyalty. It’s also how she got the job that started her journey into the band of misfits. It also highlights her sense of loss and confusion in the world. How she doesn’t quite fit, and that although she is loved, she doesn’t really belong anywhere. Even when she saves the day and creates strong relationships with her employers, she still leaves to start anew.

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Burning Castles by M. Rickert

This was kind of a dark short story. Especially compared to the majority of the others throughout the Under My Hat anthology. Most of the stories were humorous, cute and left me smiling. This story didn’t so much leave a smile as a look of bewilderment on my face when I turned the last page.

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Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot

I really wasn’t bothered by my prom. Actually, I thought it was kind of lame and didn’t really want to go. I went to the dress shops once, got annoyed and used a hand me down dress. But, for us, it was a compulsory experience, and my high school boyfriend, for whatever reason, actually wanted to go. Which is probably why I couldn’t quite understand Mia’s obsession with going to prom with Michael was, well, so obsessive. Having said that, I also didn’t quite understand why Michael was so completely against it and convinced that the entire thing is lame and pathetic. Maybe something about not being American?

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