Tag: Death's Excellent Vacation

One for the Money by Jeaniene Frost

I loved this short story. Didn’t exactly love that it takes place after the next novel I want to read in this series… it kind of gave a few big spoilers as to what happens. But, as always, hopefully by the time I actually get to reading that novel I won’t remember all of the minutiae and can still be surprised. Although, let’s admit it – I’ll be surprised regardless because Frost always manages to pack a lot of storyline and information into one story. Which, I, of course, love.

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The Boys Go Fishing by Sarah Smith

I truly think that being immortal would be one of the loneliest things ever. And this story kind of reinforces that belief. The lead character is completely alone, lonely and looking for a reason, any reason to live. It made this a bit of a sad story. But also one that ultimately had a bit of a hopeful spin to it… being immortal would suck. Until you could find others to have it suck with.

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