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The Boys Go Fishing by Sarah Smith

I truly think that being immortal would be one of the loneliest things ever. And this story kind of reinforces that belief. The lead character is completely alone, lonely and looking for a reason, any reason to live. It made this a bit of a sad story. But also one that ultimately had a bit of a hopeful spin to it… being immortal would suck. Until you could find others to have it suck with.

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Misery by Stephen King

I have seriously got to stop reading Stephen King novels when I know I’m going to be home alone for the night… I keep thinking that I’m tough and I want get all wiggy… and then I get all wiggy. This time I was a little smarter, I put aside a whole day and started reading Misery in the morning. Just so that even though I did get wiggy… it wasn’t during the night. Rather, it was when there was still a lot of sunlight…

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Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh

This was such a perfect ending to the Rock Kiss quartet. It managed to not only be incredibly cute and sweet. But it rounded out the stories of the other three band members and just gave this great feeling of happily ever after. The fact that it didn’t just feature one wedding (expected from the title), but FOUR… well, that just hit me in ALL of my happy literary places.

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Loch and Key by Seanan McGuire

First Fall was a kind of tragic and heart rending short story. It was great for the overall storyline of the series – but it was still something that made my heart very, very sore. Luckily, Loch and Key starts with a lot more hope. For starters, it begins a few years after the advents of First Fall, and there is a sense of moving on and healing that left me feeling really quite hopeful.

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

After finishing this novel, I sat staring at the cover for a good five minutes. Just. Staring. And you know… understanding. Understanding why this is a fairly popular book and why it was made into a movie. This is just phenomenal. And gut wrenching. And beautiful and just… I’m really not sure I’m going to half the words to write this review. It is just such a great story and I absolutely adored it.

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206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

This probably wasn’t my favourite Temperance Brennan novel thus far. I had to keep stopping and starting. And I really didn’t get swept away in trying to figure out the culprit from the very beginning like I usually do. Not to say that it wasn’t still a fantastic novel. It just wasn’t quite as amazing as some of the other books in this series. It felt a little like a connector story – at least that’s what I found.

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