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Love Struck by Melissa Marr

I’ve read quite a few stories about selkies and the fae. Or at least, stories which have a moment featuring them throughout. This was an incredibly different take on a familiar tale though. Which I’m beginning to expect from Melissa Marr. For starters, the selkie isn’t the one necessarily doing the entrapment, and vice versa.

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Kiss by Lilith Saintcrow

I’m still not entirely sure what the storyline in this tale was. I’m more than a little confused by it. But I liked the darkness. The idea of a villain plotting against her victims for decades… and there was a lot of information about kisses and debts to be paid… like I said, not entirely sure what I was actually reading about… but I know that I liked what I did understand.

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Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

This is one of the most unique, intense and fun books I’ve read in a long time. Actually, it’s the only book like this that I’ve ever read. Rather than being a traditional prose, it is full of snippets and dossiers, information that you have to put together yourself as the story unfolds in front of you. When I first opened the pages of this, I wasn’t really sure that I’d like this style of writing. After all, it is completely different to what I normally read. But I found that I actually loved it. The difference in flavour and taste of the story was a great departure from what I usually read.

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How’s the Night Life on Cissalda? by Harlan Ellison

This is so completely disturbed. And I LOVED it. There was this wonderfully sassy, sarcastic and fun voice to the narration of this story. One that helped make this feel a little less disturbed, and a little more plausible. It was still incredibly disturbed, and I still felt slightly dirty for even reading it. But I also loved that it had me laughing out loud because it was truly out there.

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The Mammoth Book of Celtic Myths and Legends by Peter Berresford Ellis

This is a bit of a hard slog of a book. Not in any negative sense, but in the sense that it is over 500 pages of Celtic mythology. Which encompasses all of the wonders of their convoluted names and intricate kinship ties. It doesn’t really matter which tale you read, this is something that can be a little bit difficult to work with. Especially, when like me, you know nothing about the names and communications of people from this part of the world.

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Fantasy by Christine Feehan, Sabrina Jeffries, Emma Holly & Elda Minger

I bought this because I had a few weeks / months of obsession with Christine Feehan. I didn’t expect to find more authors to be completely obsessed about. Alright, I read another Emma Holly story the month before I read this one, but still… three new awesome authors and four beautifully simple and cute novellas to spend my nights forgetting about the world around me… what more could a girl want?

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A Choice of Accommodations by Jhumpa Lahiri

Relationships aren’t always sunshine and roses. Whoever tells you that they are is either lying, completely delusional or still in the honeymoon stage of theirs. That’s not to say that relationships aren’t completely amazing, but there is a level of comfort and almost boredom that you reach after a point. One that isn’t glorified in stories, because it is this amazingly comfortable, well-loved and satisfied feeling. Which, in a rare case for the stories I read, Lahiri manages to do kind of perfectly.

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Salvage by Meljean Brook

Men are stupid. To be fair, so are women. But in this story… men are stupid. And seriously dude, stop being so damn ignorant and love thy wife. We do not want money, we want our man. That’s it, rant over. This was actually an amazing novella. But I still left it thinking that men are kind of stupid. And need a bit of a kick up the butt to restore their brain cells.

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Daniel by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

This story didn’t quite go the way that I expected. I was kind of anticipating the lead to be a woman who had some serious ties to the paranormal world. And maybe even some powers of her own that would help her in her chosen career. Not really the case, she has a single, kind of sexy, tie to the paranormal world. But nothing more. Nothing more intense and terrifying. Just one Daniel that (I think) lives in her home and is her friendly companion…

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Mr. Speedy by Elda Minger

There are so many issues with gender and courting. There’s also so many things about it that are ridiculously fun. But those people that think women are just something to prey upon? Well, that’s where it gets seriously problematic… and this novella perfectly encompasses that. By featuring a backdrop of a seminar designed to get women into bed… in the worst way possible.

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