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Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

I’ve been hanging to start this book for quite a while. There is just something which draws you in about the idea of The Hollows and Rachel Morgan. Plus, I kind of needed a storyline with a little bit of sass and attitude. I’ve been reading too many cutsey stories lately, and they were starting to grate on me a little. So Rachel’s gumption, sass and independence was exactly what I wanted to read, though tearing myself away from her adventures at night before bed was incredibly difficult.

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Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil by Kim Harrison

Ivy’s framing of Art is mentioned a number of times in the Hollows graphic novels, and Dead Witch Walking. Enough so that I was intensely interested in the why, the how and the every single moment of why she would do such a thing. Especially considering it is so at odds with the character that I’m steadily falling in love with as I read my first full length novel in the series. This novella explains her motives absolutely perfectly.

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Blood Crime by Kim Harrison

I finished off Blood Work feeling really tense. Although I know that Ivy and Rachel must have a good, ongoing relationship after this first case, I still was seriously concerned for Rachel’s health. Blood Crime helped to continue on this origin story where you understand a little more of Ivy’s obsession and dark past. It also highlighted the strength of Rachel and the potential fun and sass of future cases.

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Ley Line Drifter by Kim Harrison

I never realised that I was missing stories about pixies from my bookshelves until I read this novella. Now I want to see if I can find any story that involves these little sprites… and dig myself further into this series that has them as supporting characters. After all, Jenks isn’t a lead character, but he does (apparently) feature in the other Hollows stories and there was a lot of background to his character that I just haven’t got yet… but I’m trying to fix that right now.

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Blood Work by Kim Harrison

I felt hooked on this series before I opened the first novel. But if I was kind of on the fence about whether to buy more of these books and truly sink my teeth into them… this graphic novel made me feel much more certain about my newest obsession. I was almost late to a meeting because I was so absorbed in reading through this. The imagery and the storyline just swept me away beautifully.

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The Turn by Kim Harrison

I really, really wanted to give this novel a much, much lower rating. Actually, when I first put it down I did… but the more I think about it, the more I realise that I loved it. Alright, I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending (hence the slightly tanty that I threw when I finished this), but it was an incredibly powerful and intense story. One that I won’t forget at any point soon. And one that I will definitely read again and again and again…

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