The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance Short Stories

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The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance edited by Trisha Telep

  • The Key to Happiness by Gwyn Cready
  • MacDuff’s Secret by Sandy Blair
  • Lost and Found by Maureen McGowan
  • Stepping Back by Sara Mackenzie
  • Sexual Healing by Margo Maguire
  • The Wild Card by Sandra Newgent
  • The Eleventh Hour by Michelle Maddox
  • Pilot’s Forge by Patrice Sarath
  • Saint James’ Way by Jean Johnson
  • The Troll Bridge by Patti O’Shea
  • Iron and Hemlock by Autumn Dawn
  • Last Thorsday Night by Holly Lisle
  • The Gloaming Hour by Cindy Miles
  • A Wish to Build a Dream On by Michelle Willingham
  • Time Trails by Colby Hodge
  • The Walled Garden by Michele Lang
  • Catch the Lightning by Madeline Baker
  • Steam by Jean Johnson
  • Falling in Time by Allie Mackay
  • Future Date by A. J. Menden

Image source: Goodreads

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