Reading Challenges Archive – 2020

Year  Long Challenges

A – Z Authors
A – Z Female Characters
A – Z Male Characters
A – Z Series
A – Z Titles
Around the Year in 52 Books
Go Big or Go Home
Goodreads Challenge
Mount TBR 2020
Pick Your Poison
Popsugar Challenge
Reading Women
Series Mount TBR
Tome Tracker

Non-monthly Challenges

1st Quarter
2nd Quarter Challenge
3rd Quarter Challenge
4th Quarter Challenge
Cruise of the Damned
Fall 2020 Scavenger Coffee
Fall 2020 Spell Coffee
Fall Challenge
Fantastic Beasts
The Final Countdown
The Final Countdown
Grimm Fairy Tales
Here Be Monsters
Hidden Objects
Mystic Carnival
Paranormal Kit – Demon Hunter Kit
Paranormal Kit – Ghost Hunters
Paranormal Kit – Werewolf Hunting Kit
Paranormal Kit – Zombie Apocalypse
Play That Soundtrack
Psychic Powers Explored
Spring Challenge
Steam Chaser
Summer Challenge
Summer Fun
Summer Spell Challenge
Urban Fantasy Ruler
Voyage to Another Planet
Warrior Women

Monthly Challenge

January 2020
Auld Lang Syne
Dracula’s Beauties
Pepper P0t
Start the Year Confidently
The Year of the Rat

February 2020
Concise Reads
Dracula’s Beauties
How Inventions are Born
Incubus Kiss
Monthly Challenge

March 2020
Dracula’s Beauties
Growth Spurts
Irish Monsters
St. Patrick’s Day

April 2020
Beast’s Library
Dracula’s Beauties
Easter Trivia
Popular Houseplants
Restarting 2020

May 2020
Dracula’s Beauties
Embrace the Good
Limerick Day
Monthly Challenge
MVBO Tea Party
Spell Challenge

June 2020
Dracula’s Beauties
Monthly Challenge
Scavenger Challenge
Spell Challenge
Summer Solstice

July 2020
Build a Scarecrow
Dracula’s Beauties
Eye of the Beholder
Ice Cream O’Clock
Monthly Challenge
Spell Challenge

August 2020
Admit You’re Happy – Scavenger Challenge
Admit You’re Happy – Spell Challenge
Be the Good
Dracula’s Beauties
How to Train Your Dragon
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

September 2020
Beekeeping in a Honeycomb – Scavenger Challenge
Beekeeping in a Honeycomb – Spell Challenge
Dracula’s Beauties
Out of the Norm
We Are Nearly There Guys!
The Witching Hour

October 2020
A Cozy Mystery
Dracula’s Beauties
Into the Dark
National Popcorn Poppin’ Month – Scavenger Challenge
National Popcorn Poppin’ Month – Spell Challenge
Pepper 2020

November 2020
Dracula’s Beauties
Give a Little
Remembrance Day Scavenger Challenge
Remembrance Day Spell Challenge
Wizard Wars

December 2020
All Good Things Must Come to an End
Dracula’s Beauties
A Festivus for the Rest of Us!
Merry Christmas