Ice Cream O’Clock

Duration: 1st July – 31st July 2020
Number of books: 7
Hosted by: Crazy Challenge Connection

According to Wikipedia, ice cream is “a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweeteners.” To me, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of, or whether it’s served in a bowl or a cone; all that matters is the taste! To put a twist on a popular saying, it’s always ice cream o’clock somewhere πŸ™‚

Let’s kick off the summer with this challenge based on some of the best-selling ice cream flavors in the world, listed here in alphabetical order.

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♦ Unless otherwise noted, books must be at least 150 pages long. (See the link above for rules regarding graphic novels. Please remember that ONLY graphic novels can be combined.) Books may only be used for one task in this challenge, but cross-challenge posting is encouraged πŸ™‚ Re-reads are allowed, as long as you read the entire book. You must read at least half of the book AFTER the challenge begins in order to count it for this challenge.

♦ For each book you read, please post a link to the title, and indicate the author and the date you finished reading it. If a challenge task gives several options, please make it clear which option you’ve chosen. If the task calls for an item on the cover or specific author initials or name/s, you must include a link to the book cover and/or author’s name, respectively. To avoid spoiling a book for other readers, please use spoiler tags, if necessary, when explaining your book choices.*
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♦ When you complete the challenge, please copy and paste your entire list as a new message at the end of the challenge thread. If you do this while you still have the Edit window open, it will copy all of your links and formatting. If you don’t repost your list, with appropriate links, your name will not be added to the list of those who have completed the challenge. Please do NOT simply post a link back to your original post.


A good butter pecan ice cream is chock full of pecan halves. The rich buttery ice cream enhances the somewhat soft crunch of the pecans, making it a perennial favorite flavor in ice cream shops and stands.
🍨 Read a book by an author whose first and last initials can be found in BUTTERPECAN; post a link to the author’s GR page OR a book with a 6-letter word in its title – The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

It shouldn’t be a surprise that chocolate ice cream lands on this list. It is thought to have originated in Naples, Italy around 1692. Hot chocolate was transformed into a solidified treat in 17th-century Europe, but didn’t make its way to America until well into the late 19th century.
🍦 Read a book with something chocolate shown prominently on the cover; post the cover OR a book whose title begins with a letter in CHOCOLATE (disregard A, An and The) – Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

Thought to have been introduced by burger joints and shake counters, cookies and cream ice cream has become a favorite flavor. Crushed cookies, usually Oreos, blended with vanilla ice cream combine to give us what many think is the best of both worlds – smooth ice cream and chunky cookies in one tasty dish.
🍨 Read a book with the word “AND” in the title OR a book set in a location beginning with a letter in OREOS; tell us the location – Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods (Serenity)

Another combination that many feel can’t go wrong is mint chocolate chip ice cream. While most mint chocolate chip ice cream is light green with a wintergreen flavor, there is also a white version, which is usually peppermint flavored and tends to have larger chunks of chocolate.
🍦 Read a book whose title contains a color word OR a book with a cover that is predominantly mint green; post the cover (color swatch) – Artemis by Andy Weir

If you are of a certain age, you may remember getting paper-wrapped slices of Neapolitan ice cream for dessert with your school lunch or at community potluck dinners. Initially made in the late 19th century, Neapolitan ice cream consists of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream ‘slabs’ next to one another. Some brands, however, swirl the three flavors together.
🍨 Read a book set in the late 19th century (1850-1899); tell us when OR a book with a main character whose first name begins with a letter in NEAPOLITAN; tell us the name – What Happens in London by Julia Quinn (Olivia)

Refreshing, sweet, and summery strawberry ice cream goes back to 1813, when it was served at the second inauguration of James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. This pink dessert sometimes has chunks of strawberries mixed into the cream, or even swirls of strawberry jam.
🍦 Read a book with a fruit in the title or shown prominently on the cover; post the cover OR a book in which a president or other leader of a country plays a role (can be a real or fictional character); tell us the character and the role played – A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (pretty much all of them)

The #1 best-seller on almost every list of popular ice cream flavors is vanilla, possibly due to all the children who haven’t yet developed an adventurous palate. It is thought to have been created in Asia in the 14th century. The custom of making frozen desserts spread from the East to Europe when Moors and Arabs headed to Spain and refrigeration became common.
🍨 Read a book set in Asia (use this list) OR a book that has reached the #1 position of a best-seller or most-popular list; post a link to the list and tell us the date it was posted/printedHuman Acts by Han Kang

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