Irish Monsters

Duration: 1st March – 31st March 2020
Number of books: 7
Hosted by: Crazy Challenge Connection


1. Banshee: In Irish folklore, a banshee is a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears to family members to foretell the death of one of their own. This term came to English from the Old Irish term ben side meaning “woman of the fairy mound.” In this context, a mound is the raised earth over a grave.
🍀 Read a book written by a woman OR read a book in which a death occurs OR read a book with a gravestone or cemetery on its cover; post the cover.Cleaving by Julie Powell

2. Abhartach: This truly terrifying dwarf is a cruel tyrant whose magical powers allow him to rise from the grave and wreak havoc as an undead being. He must be killed and then buried upside down to subdue his powers. In alternate iterations of the abhartach myth, this creature drinks the blood of his subjects. Some academics believe that this monster inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which in turn has influenced the modern-day concept of vampires.
🍀 Read a book with a character you consider cruel; briefly tell us why OR read a book with a vampire, or vampires in it OR read a book with anything shown upside down on its cover; post the cover.Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (the ending of the book. Just. Wow. The ending.

3. Cluricaun: The cluricaun (or cluricaune) is an Irish elf, or perhaps a fairy, in the form of a tiny old man. He exists in a state of perpetual drunkenness and loves to play practical jokes. In his work Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, W. B. Yeats writes: “Some suppose he is merely the Leprechaun on a spree.”
🍀 Read a book where an older man (65+ years) is part of the plot OR read a book where a lot of drinking is done OR read a book by an author whose first and last initial are in PRACTICAL JOKE.Terra Nullius by Claire G. Coleman

4. Far Darrig: The far darrig (or fear dearg) is a small creature who always wears a red coat and cap. In Irish, his name appropriately translates to “red man.” Thought to be associated with nightmares, this practical joker of a monster delights in stealing babies and leaving changelings in their place. According to folklore, a changeling is an ugly, stupid or strange child left by fairies in place of a pretty, charming child.
🍀 Read a book with a primarily red cover; post the cover OR read a book in which a child is born OR read a book whose title has changed since its original publication; tell us the original name.When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

5. Fear Gorta: Fear gorta literally means “man of hunger” in Irish. This supernatural being roams the earth in the form of an emaciated man during times of famine. He begs for food and bestows good fortune on those who help him. Fear gorta can also refer to a weedy grass that, when stepped on, is believed to make men unnaturally hungry.
🍀 Read a book marked “Foodie Fiction” or “Food,” OR read a book with an expanse of grass on its cover; post the cover OR read a book in which a character always seems to be hungry; tell us who. – Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

6. Sluagh: The sluagh (or slua) are ghosts of sinners, who, unwelcome in heaven or hell, must haunt the realm of the living. Some souls were designated as sinners because they’d never been baptized; others earned their sinner status through evil and corrupt behavior in their lifetimes. From the Irish word meaning “crowd,” the sluagh were thought to move through the sky in flocks, collecting the souls of the dying.
🍀 Read a book with a plural word in its title OR read a book with any type of ghost in it OR read a book with three or more similar items on its cover; post the cover.Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs

7. Ellén TrechendThe Cath Maige Mucrama is a story written in Middle Irish dating from the 8th or 9th century. In this tale, the ellén trechend, a horrifying three-headed monster, emerges from a cave on a rampage of destruction. Though translators agree that the ellén trechend has three heads, they disagree on what genus of monster it is. Some interpret it to be a bird or a vulture. Others believe the ellén trechend to be a fire-breathing dragon-like creature. Either way, you can rest easy; the beast was eventually slain.
🍀 Read a book that is third in a series; tell us the series name OR read a book with a “3” in its original year of publication; tell us the original date OR read a book where the first letter of each title word may be found in “ELLEN TRECHEND;” a,an,the DO count, 3 word minimum.An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn (The Bridgertons #3)

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