Duration: 1st November – 30th November 2020
Number of books: 21
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession


November 1st – November 30th

How it Works:
Ten books each month is a lot, so there will be 5 different levels. Pick which level you want to do and that’s how many items you will need to check off.

Transitional – 2 books
Fledgling – 4 books
Vampire – 6 books
Master – 8 books
Vampire King or Queen – 10 books

1. November 1st- Every year on November 1, millions of people celebrate authors and the books that they write on National Author’s Day. Read a book by your favorite author.The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison

2. November 2nd-Cookie Monster is a blue, furry puppet on Sesame Street. His favorite treat is Cookies, especially chocolate chip. His day celebrates his birthday when he was created by Muppet creator Jim Henson. Read a book with a blue cover and/or a furry monster on the cover.Temptation in a Kilt by Victoria Roberts

3. November 8-Abraham “Bram” Stoker (8 November 1847 – 20 April 1912) was an Irish author, best known today for his 1897 Gothic horror novel DraculaRead Dracula or read another vampire book.

4.November 10 is World Science Day for Peace and Development. It was celebrated for the first time in 2002. Read a science fiction book or a book with a scientist. You could also eat a vanilla cupcake…Westward Weird edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Kerrie Hughes

5. November 11-Veteran’s Day honors those who have served in the military. It is observed on November 11th. Read a book with a MC/love interest who is a soldier, spy, diplomat.

6. November 13 is a Friday. Friggatriskaidekaphobia is a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Read a horror or thriller book. Make sure to read it at night, hopefully during a thunder storm…or listening to storm or horror music.

7. November 18 is National Princess Day. Pamper yourself today. Take a nice bubble bath, curl up in soft blankets on the couch, sip a delicious glass of apple cider. Read a book where the MC is a princess/prince.

8. November 20 is Beautiful Day. Celebrate the day by reading a book with a beautiful cover or relationship.Begin, End, Begin edited by Danielle Binks

9. November 23 is National Adoption Day. The first one was held in 2000. Read a book with a character who has been adopted or with a character that adopts a child.The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

10. November 24 is celebrate your unique talent day. Read a book where the MC has a unique talent that you would like to have.Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie (Poirot’s skills of deduction)

Bonus-It is National Candle month & National Fragrance month-Read any book you want, preferable with a nice, scented candle…If you find any sentences going on about how a man smells like cinnamon etc, you can post them here for fun!More Than Words: Volume 6 by Joan Johnston, Robyn Carr, Christina Skye, Rochelle Alers & Maureen Child

This year I am grateful for…
Books & Hobbies-Read a book with a dragon in it.
Family-Read a book with a close family relationship.
Food-Read a book with a letter in the title from the words Thanksgiving Feast.
Friendship-Read a book with a friend or with a side character you’d like to be your friend.
Health-Read a book with a vampire or other immortal character.
Job, Career, Vocation-Read a book with an interesting task, work environment and/or a great boss.An Elephant in My Kitchen by Francoise Malby-Anthony
Money-Read a book with a rich character or buy a book and read it.The Mammoth Book of Westerns edited by Jon E. Lewis
Pets-Read a cat/dog mystery or a book where an animal is important to the story.Marley and Me by John Grogan
Significant Other-Read a book with a book boyfriend/girlfriend you have or want…
Success-Read a book where the good guys/gals triumph or with a great reward at the end.

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