Monthly Challenge – June 2020

Duration: 1st June – 30th June 2020
Number of books: 11
Hosted by: My Vampire Book Obsession


Starts: June 1
Ends: June 31

How It Works
Ten books each month is a lot, so there will be 5 different levels. So pick which level you want to do and that’s how many items you will need to check off.

Transitional – 2 books
Fledgling – 4 books
Vampire – 6 books
Master – 8 books
Vampire King or Queen – 10 books

Summertime Bucket List

1) First on the list: Some R & R, after all that is what summer is all about.
Read a book that is set during a vacation. – That Holiday Feeling by Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods & Robyn Carr (Christmas)

2) Second: Road trip!!!
Read a book where the MC takes a road trip or travels. – Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

3) Third: Party!!!
Read a book where the MC hosts a party or attends one. – Paradise Valley by Robyn Carr (Rick’s welcome home and Abby’s baby shower)

4) Fourth: Learn something new. It is after all the longest vacation.
Read a book where a character learns something new or gets a new hobby. – Rock Redemption by Nalini Singh (Noah and his fidelity – described as a bit of a hobby / vice)

5) Halfway through the list: Is it a fling or is it real?
Read a book where the main MPG is romance. – Temptation Ridge by Robyn Carr

6) Sixth: Random pick from the bucket.
Read a book that a friend recommended or from a group read. – Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire (past group read for MVBO)

7) Seventh: The time of outdoor concerts and festivals.
Read a book with a parade or festival. – A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu

8) Eighth: Watch the sun set.
Read the last book in a series or a standalone.Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

Read a book that starts with any letter from SUMMER. – Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

10) The last: Remember the good old times.
Re-read an book author you enjoyed a few years ago. – White Hot by Ilona Andrews

11) Bonus Book-
Read anything you want! You can use this option to reach your goal if you’re finding it difficult to get a book to suit the other tasks. – Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs

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