Cutie and the Beast by M.E. Carter


Title: Cutie and the Beast
Author: M.E. Carter
Series: Cipher Office #1, SmartyPants Romance
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Medium
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2020


Abel’s sarcasm and banter with Rian in Weight Expectations was honestly glorious. And witty. And adorable. When I discovered that not only has Carter written more books in this series… but that this featured my favourite trainer? Sign me up! Yet again, it hit all of my happy romance spots and drew me in.

This story had a very found family feeling to it. In some moments a little insta-family. But even that concern is addressed in the story line. Which makes it a little less on the nose in my opinion. Although I would love a revisit to this family to see how Mabel and Ainsley grow up together…

Able and Elliott may make a wonderful romantic couple. But as seems to be the case with many stories featuring young children, Mabel and Ainsley totally stole the show. And, even though they were adorable, I like that they were also the wedge that caused one of the upsets to a happy ending. When you’ve got children they feature heavily in every aspect of your life and Carter definitely reflected this in this story line.

There wasn’t quite as much witty banter as in Weight Expectations in this novel. Which I did miss a bit. But I think that on the flip side there was a lot more heart. And who could complain about that?

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