Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston


Title: Hot and Badgered
Author: Shelly Laurenston
Series: Honey Badger Chronicles #1
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Paranormal romanceShapeshifters, Urban fantasy
Pace: Fast
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2018


I have to admit that I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with honey badgers, like I’m kind of ridiculously obsessed with the silly things. So when I found out that there’s literally a paranormal romance / shapeshifter series which features honey badgers… I don’t know if I’ve ever been quite this happy in my life. And that was before I had the pleasure of actually reading this book. When I found out that the shapeshifters featured in this book were also sisters, and ones who are none to be incredibly chaotic… so many of my happy buttons were pushed.

Throughout this I honestly couldn’t stop laughing out loud at the shenanigans of the MacKilligan sisters. I mean, the first time you meet them, one is jumping out of a bedroom window, and the other runs a man over… multiple times. Then, to complete this chaotic trio, you have a panic attack prone genius who thinks a stay at a mental health institution is a nice holiday. And that’s just the character introductions in the first few chapters. The more supporting cast that you get to meet, the more insanity unfolds. I honestly can’t believe that this is an author who hasn’t been on my shelves yet. One that I can’t wait to read more of in the future.

I can’t wait for more of the MacKilligan sisters’ insanity as this series unfolds. The series most definitely starts out with the sanest of the three – Charlie spends most of her time running around trying to stop the other two from just killing everyone. I’ve got one younger sister that I keep an eye out for, and she doesn’t have homicidal tendencies – I can’t imagine watching two who are definitely insane. Charlie is a ridiculously fun lead, one who doesn’t hesitate to be herself and finds a way to carve out her own happily ever after.

Although this story is a romance between Berg and Charlie, for me it was about the relationship between the sisters. There is something great about a well written family bond, and Laurenston has the exasperation and love pegged perfectly in this story. Berg and Charlie are also a fantastic couple that you are rooting for from the very beginning, but there’s just something about the three sisters. There’s also the fact that being bought into Berg’s life brings along a whole cast of characters who I want to get to know even better. Berg’s two triplet siblings being some of them. I’m hoping that the more I dive into the world of Laurenston, the more I will get to meet different members of this world. All of whom have a whole lot of humour and sass in their creation.

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