Smart Mouth by Emma Lee Jayne


Title: Smart Mouth
Author: Emma Lee Jayne, SmartyPants Romance
Series: Work For It #4
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Fast
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2022


Growing up, I always wanted to have a twin – there is something that seems so fun about twin shenanigans. And now I get to read an incredibly fun story about a twin mistaken identity. Alright, that mistaken identity lasted for only a very small handful of chapters, because Tom eventually does correct Gwen’s assumption. But, still, it is a great way to start a story. Especially since this moment of mistaken identity is what finally lets Tom spend time with the girl he is somewhat unhealthily obsessed with… it gets healthier when they actually converse and communicate, but still.

I really loved Gwen in Heart Smart, she was a nice counterpoint to some of Max’s grumpiness. And I love how she ends up actually being quite a good friend to Holly. The fact that she got to go on to get her own novel was just beautiful. And glorious. And gave me all of the happy feelings. Having said that, she was honestly kind of a scaredy cat. Kind of painfully at moments if I’m being honest. But, after getting a well-deserved kick up the backside, she actually finds her bravery. The final scene where she takes charge and show her brave was painful even through the pages of a novel, but so damn good.

I love how Max and Holly are able to make another appearance in this novel. They were such a wonderful couple, and seeing how they’re going later on in life was incredibly fun and brilliant. I also love how Max absolutely demolishes Gwen at one point and makes her actually stop and look at herself and reflect. Both Max and Holly are just a wonderful couple, and their brief cameo made me so incredibly happy. As did the mention of the 50’s list from Book Smart.

Tom might be a lovely and kind of puppy-adorable character, but his constant feelings of guilt do get to be a bit much throughout this story. I kind of get where they stem from, but honestly, if it wasn’t for his damn twin being such a knob, he’d realise that things that happen when you’re a kid aren’t really your fault. His infatuation is kind of sweet, and I do love how he starts to actually make moves towards fixing his relationships, rather than just feeling guilty for moments of the past that aren’t exactly his fault.

This was just a too damn cute story. Not only was it a fantastic getting to know you, removing misconceptions story, it was just all round cute. I love every dive I take into the SmartyPants Romance world, but there is something a little bit extra lovely about Emma Lee Jayne – probably because she features those who are neurotypical (ADHD).

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