Red Hot Christmas by Jill Sanders


Title: Red Hot Christmas
Author: Jill Sanders
Series: The Pride #7
Rating Out of 5: 4.5 (Amazing, but not quite perfect)
My Bookshelves: Christmas, Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Slow
Format: Novel
Year: 2013


This is my first every Jill Sanders book, and I’m definitely feeling like I’m a convert after reading this. Sanders has tones of Robyn Carr, not quite as impossible to put down, but still that great feeling of simplicity and joy that I’ve come to associate with her novels. The small town romances are definitely a catnip for me, one that I love to settle into and drift away with. The fact that this is also a Christmas story, set in the snow was also seriously enjoyable. Even though this started partway through the Pride series, and I was definitely missing a few bits of information, this was a wonderful contemporary romance that had me smiling and just generally enjoying the feeling of falling in love in a tiny town, covered in snow.

There were a few sad moments through this that helped to contrast with the happy feeling of falling in love and finding your happily ever after. For starters, there is Luke’s gran – she is such an integral part of his life, and her loss is definitely a tragic one. I love that Amber is happy to take the moment and let him process his grief without the complications of a new relationship. Plus, he also buys a beagle puppy which made me incredibly happy. I love that as part of the grieving process for Luke, he has the whole town banding behind him as support. This is the dream of a community – one that is there when you most need them without judgement.

There is also Amber’s backstory. At least Luke’s is filled with love, I can’t fathom the difficulties that she goes through and how callous and horrible her parents are. I thought they would be a bigger challenge to the blossoming relationship between Amber and Luke that they were though. I also love that when this knowledge comes to light in the town, the people automatically and unquestioningly band behind Amber in support. Shutting down gossipers and those who are too far into their own delusions to see reality. Both Amber and Luke have negative family moments throughout this story that they are able to support each other through. But, they also are moments which show how loyal and supportive the town of Pride is.

As an introduction to the Pride series, I found this fantastic and overwhelmingly beautiful. The Christmas aspect made it even more enjoyable. And, even though it is a story that takes partway through a established series, I still enjoyed being swept away. Now I just need to find out more about the rest of the characters and fall in love bit by bit with this tiny little Christmas town.

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