Sideways by Lisa Hughey


Title: Sideways
Author: Lisa Hughey, Heart Eyes Press
Series: Speakeasy Taproom #4
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Medium
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2021


I found the society girl meets cute chef a really fun angle to this story. Particularly since cute chef immediately judges the society girl for wanting to alter the menu. Which she does because she has dietary concerns, not because she’s a princess and pain in the butt. It was definitely a really fun and wonderful approach to a very unique pairing. In fact, Tracey and Colton are some of my favourite Heart Eyes Press couples so far. Although, admittedly that may change when I read the next book in this world…

There is just something about a good food romance that makes me particularly happy. Probably because I love food and I love cooking, so it hits me right in all of my sweet spots. The fact that Colton manages to find his mojo for cooking again as this story unfolds. In a tiny, picturesque cottage… at some points I didn’t even need the romance. Just the cooking. I’m admittedly a little bit food obsessed at times. I love that this story also highlights all of the ways in which sometimes the hospitality culture can be kind of toxic. I used to work in hospitality – it wasn’t abnormal for someone to do a ten hour shift on a broken foot (not even kidding). Colton’s issues with alcohol and the ways in which such a high pressure environment really hit a cord with me. Again, having worked in front of house and kitchens myself – I know a whole lot of chefs and kitchen staff who had some very questionable addictions. Colton’s strength in recognising his problems and staying away from them was wonderful.

Although Tracey starts out as incredibly naïve at the beginning of this story, I love how she is able to grow throughout. She manages to consistently learn from her mistakes. And, although most of these mistakes come from a place of privilege, she’s able to admit to these flaws and find a way to be better. In fact, by understanding more of her privilege, she’s actually able to completely overhaul other aspects of her life to better suit those who aren’t quite so privileged. The personal growth of both Colton and Tracey is wonderful in this, but I particularly enjoyed and respected how much Tracey is able to grow throughout.

Tracey’s friends in the BBC (Billionaire’s Breakfast Club) are wonderful, and all the time that I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think that I wanted more of them. Which, made me incredibly happy when I realised that Hughey actually wrote this as a series… just some more wonderful books to add to my ever expanding TBR…

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