A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams


Title: A Very Merry Bromance
Author: Lyssa Kay Adams
Series: Bromance Book Club #5
Rating Out of 5: 5 (I will read this again and again and again)
My Bookshelves: Christmas, Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Medium
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2022


I always love a good grinch and sunshine trope. I mean grumpy and sunshine is brilliant, but when you add in the Christmas grinch factor? It makes it just that much better and more enjoyable. At least for me. The fact that the grinch in this was the woman, and the sunshine person was the man, made it all that much better in my books. Normally I find that it’s the woman who is all bright and shiny, so I enjoyed having Gretchen as such a wonderfully cantankerous character. And although I most definitely am not that grumpy myself, I completely fell in love with all of her grumpiness and grinch-like ways… maybe she reminded me a little strongly of my own partner…

I loved both Colton and Gretchen in this story. They were a fantastic pair and wonderful couple. But Gretchen’s family? I’ve read plenty of stories with horrible families as part of the characterisation, but Gretchen’s really took the cake. My blood actually boiled a little bit when I was reading about the way that they treat her. And that’s not even including some of the family history reveals that come later in the book! Suddenly a lot of her grumpiness and inability to be vulnerable makes tragic sense. And although it bothered me to no end, it also made for a great read. Plus, when Colton decides to get involved, you fall for him that much more…

Where Gretchen is forced to give up some of her Grinchiness to make space for others in her life, Colton is also forced to give up some of his sunshine characteristics. I like that Gretchen isn’t expected to be suddenly happy, friendly, and cheerful, although she does thaw a bit towards Colton. But I also loved that Colton drops some of his cheerful façade and just acts as himself. He manages to stop fearing that if he’s not sunshine all the time, people will still actually love him. I love that they both had to thaw a little bit in their “tropes” to become a happier and healthier versions of themselves.

All in all, this was a wonderful Christmas story. I love that throughout Colton is constantly trying to help Gretchen feel the joys of Christmas. And to gain those experiences that she has woefully missed out on. It was a good reminder of all of the little traditions and moments that you have in your own families, and how nice it is to share these things with your partner.

A Very Merry Bromance is my first book in the Bromance Book Club series, even if it isn’t actually the first in the series. Now I just desperately want to read more of these stories. I love the idea of having a book club of men reading romance novels. And how they all try and support each other in a way that is very rarely seen in media of any form. It’s a great idea, and Lyssa Kay Adams manages to write it in such a way that is heartfelt, but also incredibly witty, funny, and charming. Definitely a series that is moving up on my list of books that I love.

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Image source: Booktopia


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