The Mogul’s Reluctant Bride by Ana E. Ross


Title: The Mogul’s Reluctant Bride
Author: Ana E. Ross
Series: Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls #2
Rating Out of 5: 4.5 (Amazing, but not quite perfect)
My Bookshelves: Contemporary, Contemporary romance
Pace: Fast
Format: eBook, Novel
Year: 2013


Where I immediately loved Eric in The Doctor’s Secret Bride, it took me a really long time to bond with Bryce. He starts out this story as kind of a dick. I mean, instead of stopping and dealing with the situation in front of him like an adult, he just has a tantrum and expects everything to go his way. Not exactly the most endearing of male leads. He did grow on me. But not as much as other male leads.

Although I didn’t love the male lead in this story, the storyline definitely drew me in. Not that common when I don’t love one pf the leads. I mean, 3 kids losing their parents, a girl losing her sister that she barely knows? It’s enough to make you tear up just a little. And lessens the dumbassery of Bryce.

I like that although Ross features billionaires as the male love interest in this series (not exactly a leap given the name of the series), the women have a much more difficult history. I love how Ross is able to build in a tragic past for Kara. Her, alongside the children really pulled on my heartstrings and made me hope like crazy for a happy ending.

I may not have enjoyed the second book as much as the first, but there are also some fun glimpses of the next story in this series. So I’ve loaded it up on my ereader and I’m ready to dig my tired baby brain into this whole new romance.

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