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January 2020

January was an interesting month. It was hot, the month started with everything on fire and I was going to try and be a little more controlled with my reading. It kind of worked. And I did get a lot done. Not a bad start to the year...

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November 2018

Incredibly busy this month. And exhausted. And freaking out because there are so many snakes. So I read lots and lots and lots of short stories late at night to try and help myself sleep...

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August 2018

August is always a weird month for me – it’s my baby sister’s birthday and so should be one of my favourite months. But it also seems to be the month in which a lot of not-so-good things have happened in my life. Plus, it’s winter, and I hate being cold and sick, so I…

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July 2018

I start my fieldwork next month (hopefully) which means that I have been spending a lot of time sorting out the things that I need for this. So I've found that I've read a lot of novellas, and easier tales this month. They're a great, short way to distract myself. If I get too hooked into a full novel, well, then I seem to struggle to actually put the books down...

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April 2018

April started off rocky - I was working a lot and trying to also make great progress on my PhD. For starters, the month started with a long weekend and one of my work mates being sick... But, luckily, I quickly found my flow and managed to get myself back on track.

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December 2017

Christmas is about working way too much, reading every moment I get and missing my family. This is the second Christmas that I haven't been with them, and the first time that I've been in the same country as them... It's been nice though, lots of money, lots of free time, which basically for me just means lots more books.

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November 2017

This month has been incredibly reflective and weird. I feel like everything is changing and I've been reexamining what I want to do with my life. It's definitely been, as I said... interesting. I also finished my Masters of Writing which was kind of amazing!

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April 2017

This month all of my assignments seem to be due... so it's been a little more difficult to read lots of intense novels. That's why most of the reviews for this month are short stories that were a wonderful, quick and easy journey into another world.

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